“Two Women” Names Kim Go Eun, Park Ji Hyun and Kim Gun Woo As Lead Stars

Netflix greenlights the production of new drama series Two Women!

Two Women traverses the journey of two friends who have an unwavering, labyrinthine love-hate relationship. They find their lives complicatedly linked as they cross each other’s paths through different phases in life.

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Ryu Eun-jung (Kim Go Eun), a fascinating and sincere woman, forms a close bond with Cheon Sang-yeon (Park Ji Hyun), who becomes her best friend and rival.

In this series, they explore the intricacies of their problematic friendship as they navigate life burdens, feeling both care and envy for each other.

Tracing their friendship from their school days to their twenties and thirties, the story will show how their bond changes over time.

At 42 years old, they reunite in the face of a profound challenge: Sang-yeon’s battle with cancer. The touching narrative delves into their shared past, their separate paths to becoming a screenwriter and a successful film director, and the enduring impact they’ve had on each other’s lives.

Kim Go Eun (Goblin, Yumi’s Cells, Little Women), brings depth to the character of Ryu Eun-jung. Park Ji Hyun (Do You Like Brahms?, Reborn Rich), portrays Cheon Sang-yeon, adding layers to their bittersweet friendship.

Kim Gun Woo (The Glory) enters the scene as Kim Sang-hak, a charming older college student and an important figure in both women’s lives. His character, a passionate photographer, plays a crucial part in the complex relationship between Eun-jung and Sang-yeon.

Directed by Jo Yeong-min (The Interest of Love, Do You Like Brahms?) and written by Song Hye-jin (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes), both acclaimed for their emotionally powerful works, Two Women will delicately unravel the timeline shared by two friends from childhood to the complexities of modern adulthood.

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