TWS Beats IU in Stunning Melon Chart Twist — Why Are Netizens Laughing?

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In a surprising turn of events, rookie boy group TWS has managed to surpass IU in the annual ranking of the popular Korean music platform, Melon. Their song “plot twist” has now accumulated more listeners than IU’s “Love Wins All,” marking an unprecedented achievement for the group.

On the evening of May 27, a topic titled “Melon Annual Ranking Update, TWS’s ‘plot twist’ #1” was posted on the Korean forum “theqoo,” attracting nearly 600 comments. While this milestone might seem like a reason for celebration, the reaction from netizens has been predominantly negative.

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The news has sparked widespread mockery and skepticism among K-netizens, with many raising accusations of chart manipulation. Here are some of the most notable comments:

Melon Chart
Melon Chart
(Photo : theqoo)

  • “They are scamming people and pretending to be popular to gain popularity haha. They take first place and the grand prize without any hesitation. Don’t they feel ashamed in front of other singers who have worked hard and legitimately?”
  • “Imagine them winning at the year-end awards and being proud of this… Pure shameless behavior…”
  • “Wow their company is really so great!~”
  • “I do listen to this song a lot, but defeating IU is taking it too far.”

Despite the overwhelming negativity, a few netizens have come to the defense of TWS, suggesting that the song’s quality might have contributed to its rise in popularity:

“Huh this is a good song though, I think the company manipulated the chart at first to get it up and then people genuinely started to listen to it.”

Recently, South Korean boy band TWS has unexpectedly claimed the number one spot on the Bugs Music charts, creating a stir in the K-pop world.

This achievement has generated a mix of reactions from fans and industry insiders, especially as TWS surpassed renowned artists like IU. The victory has sparked debates about the ethics of chart competition and elicited both praise and criticism regarding the quality of their chart-topping song.

Netizens’ responses range from admiration and congratulations to skepticism and sarcasm about TWS’ future success. Despite the mixed reviews, there’s anticipation that TWS, labeled as a “monster rookie,” could significantly impact the K-pop scene.