TWS Unveils ‘Witty’ Official Fandom Name — And Fans Are Rejoicing!

TWS has announced the official name of their fan club.

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TWS Announces Official Fandom Name, PLEDIS Entertainment Releases Statement

On April 2, PLEDIS Entertainment released an official statement, which announced the fandom name of TWS.

TWS, Sparkling Blue
(Photo : Facebook: TWS)

According to the agency, TWS’s fandom name is revealed to be “42(SAI).” The company also revealed that “42 (SAI)” refers to the ones who are with TWS 24/7, and who treasure the bond with the group.

PLEDIS then encouraged fans to look forward to the future of TWS and expressed their gratitude. Furthermore, it also invited fans to anticipate the “Global Fanclub 42 Membership,” which will occur on April 2, at 2 p.m.

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“Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to introduce the official fan club name of TWS, “42 (SAI).”

’42 (SAI)’ refers to fans who are with TWS 24/7, and who also have the most special relationship with them. Please look forward to TWS and 42 (SAI)’s future together with new stories and unexpected delights every day.

We thank all the 42 (SAI) who always show their love and support for TWS. We also look forward to your interest in the TWS GLOBAL FANCLUB 42 MEMBERSHIP, which will be opened on Tuesday, April 2, at 2 p.m.

Thank you.”

TWS released a video regarding the fandom name announcement.

Watch the full video here:


Fans were filled with excitement due to the reveal, with some pointing out that the announcement was special since it was shared exactly on April 2. Others mentioned the creativity behind the name.  

  • “The fact they revealed the fandom name on April 2nd/0402 makes it even more special. TWS with 42 (SAI) forever.”
  • “PD, who announced this on April 2nd? It’s amazing. I had a hard time putting it all together.”
  • “TWS fans are so smart because “one for all and all for 6” 6+1=7 and “locker number 42, there’s a sign” switching the numbers in the video 24:7.”
  • “I’m gonna say SAI more than 42 though.”
  • “The fan club name is so pretty that it brings tears to my eyes. The word Sai is so pretty. I like it because it’s in Korean.”
  • “So that’s what locker #42 was and it’s on April 2nd.”
  • “Weird at first but with the meaning it’s cute and witty!”

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(Photo : TWS on X)

One fan elaborated:

“42 is spelled as Sa-I and SAI means relationship or between us. They have referenced it in their songs like ‘Unplugged Boy’ where the lyrics go ‘locker No. 42 (fandom name), there’s a sign.’

I see in writing one for all and all for six (indicating 6 TWS members). Also, in ‘plot twist’ they sing ‘our Sai (relationship/fandom name) beautiful’ So it’s looking like a well-thought-out name with planning and effort from the beginning.”

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