TXT Beomgyu & Sabrina Carpenter ‘Flirty’ Exchange at VMAs Goes Viral—Here’s What Happened

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In the world of K-pop, where dating rumors often swirl at the slightest hint of interaction between male and female idols, TXT’s Beomgyu displayed a humorous side of caution during his encounter with American singer Sabrina Carpenter at the recent 2023 VMAs.

The popular K-pop group, TXT, known for their remarkable performances, took to the VMAs stage to deliver a show-stopping act alongside fellow artist Anitta.

However, it wasn’t just their musical prowess that grabbed the audience’s attention that night; it was the hilarious exchange between Beomgyu and Sabrina Carpenter.

TXT Beomgyu’s Playful Exchange with Sabrina Carpenter

As TXT members mingled backstage following their performance, Sabrina Carpenter approached them. Netizens quickly picked up on Beomgyu’s swift move, as he took a step back when Sabrina extended her hand towards him.

The unexpected arrival of Anitta on the other side of Beomgyu added an amusing twist to the situation.In a subsequent photo, Beomgyu appeared more at ease, suggesting that the initial step back was all in good fun.

However, it didn’t take long for this playful interaction to go viral, with fans and netizens speculating that Beomgyu’s comical actions were intended to ward off any potential dating rumors.

In the world of K-pop, where fans are known for their passionate and sometimes possessive nature, even non-idol celebrities like Sabrina Carpenter can become subject to intense scrutiny.

Beomgyu’s quick reflexes and humorous approach to the situation exemplify the level of awareness and caution that idols often maintain when interacting with individuals of the opposite sex.

Netizens took to social media platforms, especially Twitter, to share their amusement at Beomgyu’s antics, utilizing puns from TXT’s songs to highlight the humor in his actions.

Netizens’ comments: 

  • “beomgyu dodging women left and right after the whole chaewon standee fiasco”
  • “Beomgyu was about to have any scandals”
  • “Beomgyu was like “ohh sh*t they are on both sides”
  • ” bro knows it’s gonna become a whole scandal if their pinkies touch”
  • “Beomgyu got no choice but stay” 
  • “beomgyu looks so scared and awkward” 
  • “he so expressive! I hope they had the most incredible time!”
  • “I was shocked seeing beomgyu between Sabrina and anitta I mean he usually is kind of awkward with women but he was at ease here. Love these interactions”

It’s clear that Beomgyu’s lighthearted approach resonated with fans, providing a welcome break from the usual dating rumors and speculations that often surround such interactions in the K-pop industry.

While Beomgyu may have momentarily distanced himself from Sabrina Carpenter to dodge potential gossip, his charming and witty demeanor in handling the situation left fans with a heartwarming memory from the 2023 VMAs.

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