TXT Members Expose Painful Memories from Their Trainee Days– Here’s What They Spill

HYBE Entertainment, renowned for its artist-centric methods and for cultivating some of the music industry’s most prominent stars, has received accolades.

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However, TXT has recently provided a candid glimpse behind the scenes, recounting heartfelt tales from their days as trainees under the tutelage of BigHit Entertainment.

TXT Soobin, Taehyun, & Hueningkai Get Real on Painful Memories During Trainee Days

In a candid and revealing Weverse live broadcast, TXT’s Soobin, Taehyun, and Hueningkai engaged with their fans, shedding light on the shadows of their trainee days.


(Photo : Weverse)

While the broadcast was filled with light-hearted moments, it was their unfiltered accounts of the past that garnered attention.

The members appeared to reflect on their trainee days, providing a glimpse into the challenges they faced, including a disheartening incident involving their senior trainees.


(Photo : Weverse)

Taehyun recounted some memorable moments, including one instance involving Kai, where he was playfully “messing around” before being confronted with an abrupt and stern “Hey, you, come outside” summons.

During a Weverse live broadcast, Hueningkai shared a touching memory from their trainee days.

While doing language homework in a room with a small window, he and his fellow members could see senior trainees practicing a dance move that captivated them.

Hueningkai got carried away with the rhythm and started dancing along. However, their enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed, as senior trainees confronted them after knocking on their door, according to Soobin.

“They were like, ‘Is this funny to you?’ and ‘The hyungs are filming a video, and you’re at the back doing this…’” shared Soobin.

Hueningkai expressed his innocence, unaware of any ongoing filming at the time.

Soobin delved into further detail about the incident, revealing that their playful reaction to Hueningkai’s antics led to a negative atmosphere when the senior trainees arrived.

TXT Taehyun Shares Details of Punishment Imposed by Senior Trainees

As if the scolding and harsh words weren’t enough, Taehyun disclosed that the older trainees had imposed a grueling form of punishment.


(Photo : Weverse)


(Photo : Weverse)

They were instructed to step outside and perform planks, adding a physical dimension to the already challenging environment.

While hierarchical structures are a well-known aspect of K-Pop training, the severity of the response to Hueningkai’s innocent fun underscores the rigorous path trainees must navigate on their journey to stardom.

These revelations serve as a stark reminder that behind the glitz and glamour of the K-Pop industry are artists who have overcome countless challenges, demonstrating their unwavering determination to pursue their dreams.

Stay tuned for more eye-opening insights into the hidden side of the K-Pop world.