TXT Unexpected ‘Behavior’ Garners Praise After Doing THIS to Stray Kids During ‘Best K-pop’ Announcement at 2023 VMAs

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TXT garnered praise and love from fans for supporting Stray Kids during the “Best K-pop” award announcement at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Here’s what went down.

TXT Triumphs with “PUSH Performance of The Year” Award at Star-Studded VMAs

Before the star-studded award show commenced, TXT achieved a significant victory, securing the prestigious “PUSH Performance of The Year” award.


(Photo : twitter|@vmas@)

Competing alongside a diverse array of nominees, including Flo Milli, Fletcher, Sauce Santana, Flo, Lauren Spencer-Smith, Sam Ryder, and JVKE.

Armani White, Reneé Rapp, Stephen Sanchez, and Ice Spice were also nominees which TXT’s win marked a remarkable start to the evening.

The introduction of the “Best K-Pop” category by MTV in 2019 has provided a platform for K-Pop groups to shine and gain recognition in the global music industry.

With K-Pop’s ever-expanding popularity, this category has become an important part of the VMAs.

TXT’s Heartwarming “Clap” for Stray Kids Sets the VMAs Ablaze

The highly anticipated “Best K-Pop” category was among the first to be announced during the VMAs, and fans worldwide eagerly anticipated the winner.


(Photo : twitter|@txt_sarangdan2@)

Stray Kids, known for their remarkable talent and artistry, secured their first Moonman, marking a significant achievement in their career. TXT’s genuine excitement for their fellow nominees was evident throughout the evening.


(Photo : twitter|@vmas@)


(Photo : twitter|@vmas@)

As each group’s name was called out by the MC, TXT’s infectious enthusiasm shone through as they danced along to their own song when nominated.

Their genuine joy resonated with fans and added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

TXT’s reaction when Stray Kids were announced as the winners touched the hearts of many fans. Instantly, Beomgyu and Soobin from TXT began clapping, displaying their genuine happiness for Stray Kids.

Read on their tweets (hereinafter X):




What’s more, they sang along to Stray Kids’ hit song “S-Class” as it played, showcasing their support and admiration for their fellow artists.

The members of TXT stood up to express their support for Stray Kids, even as other artists in their vicinity remained seated, seemingly unaffected by the award announcement.

TXT’s heartwarming support for Stray Kids during the 2023 VMAs not only earned praise from fans but also showcased the unity in the K-Pop industry, solidifying their role model status.