Uhm Jung Hwa, Han Hyo Joo, More Actresses Predicted to Have Fierce Competition for 2024 Baeksang Awards

Legendary actresses namely Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Honey, Han Hyo Joo, and more are predicted to compete for the 2024 Baeksang Awards.

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K-Drama Stars to Compete for Best Actress for 2024 Baeksang Arts Awards

It may seem early to discuss the upcoming award ceremonies for this year, but fans and viewers are also looking forward to seeing familiar faces getting recognition for their outstanding talent and passion for their crafts. 

In an online forum, some famous actresses were mentioned and predicted to compete for the Best Actress Award at the 2024 Baeksang Awards. 

Uhm Jung Hwa – ‘Doctor Cha’

'Doctor Cha' Stills
Uhm Jung Hwa
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)

The first star on the list is Uhm Jung Hwa for her medical-romance series “Doctor Cha.” It was her comeback drama and interestingly became a hit. The actress proved her exceptional prowess through this project.

In return, the series recorded high ratings and received multiple recognitions in different shows and ceremonies.

Han Hyo Joo – ‘Moving’

(Photo : Han Hyo Joo Instagram)

Next on the line is Han Hyo Joo for her impressive performance in the high-budgeted and buzzworthy drama “Moving.” The female star had an unconventional transformation to play the role of a mother, which was different from her past works. 

She effectively gave justice to her mother’s role and established a good rapport with her co-stars. 

Ahn Eun Jin – ‘My Dearest’

Ahn Eun Jin in 'My Dearest'
Ahn Eun Jin
(Photo : MBC )

Ahn Eun Jin made it to the list as she captured the viewers’ attention for her role in the historical-romance drama “My Dearest,” where she shared the frame with actor Namgoong Min. At first, people doubted her skills and even became involved in a miscasting controversy. However, she proved them wrong and worked on her performance. Soon she gained recognition from the audience for her solid and immersive acting. 

Park Bo Young – ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’

'Daily Dose of Sunshine' Stills
Park Bo Young
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

Park Bo Young and Kim Tae Ri are also predicted to be nominated for this year’s Best Actress category. 

Park Bo Young played Jung Da Eun, a caring nurse at the psychiatric ward in Netflix’s “Daily Dose of Sunshine.” She once again showcased her brilliant acting in heavy drama and brought fresh performances that captivated the viewers’ emotions. 

Kim Tae Ri – ‘Revenant’

'Revenant' Stills
Kim Tae Ri
(Photo : SBS Drama Official)

Kim Tae Ri, on the other hand, met the audience with another interesting yet challenging role through “Revenant.” Her bold character and on-point delivery of lines were synched with her facial expressions, making her the perfect actress to play the character of Gu San Yeong, a normal person who is possessed by evil spirits.

Ra Mi Ran & Lee Honey

'The Good Bad Mother' Stills
Ra Mi Ran
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official)

Lastly, Ra Mi Ran and Lee Honey are also among the predicted stars who will compete for the Best Actress this year. 

Ra Mi Ran wowed the viewers with her spectacular performance in the drama “The Good Bad Mother” and Lee Honey with her stable and passionate acting in the newly concluded series “Knight Flower.”

Knight Flower
(Photo : MBC)

K-Netz expressed their sentiments over the predicted nominees for the Best Actress Award.

“This is war.”

“Ahn Eun Jin expressed the long growth from a young lady to a wife so well.”

“Wow! Seriously, this is tight. The lineup is insane.”

“I watched them all and I was really surprised by Han Hyo Joo.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if any of them won.”

What can you say about the prediction for this year’s Baeksang Arts Award nominees? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!

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