Uhm Ki-joon To Appear In “7 Escape” From Episode 5 With 19+ Restriction

Viewers will be able to see Uhm Ki-joon’s new transformation with blonde hair in episode 5 of “7 Escape”

On September 27th, SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “7 Escape” (directed by Joo Dong-min/ written by Kim Soon-ok) released behind-the-scenes still cuts of actors who will maximize the revenge story of the drama.

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The released pictures show Uhm Ki-joon as Matthew Lee, who is guilty of evil. The overwhelming aura of him when raising a toast and looking straight at the camera already thrills viewers.

the escape of the seven

The bad guys would never know that Matthew Lee, who runs the biggest mobile company in Korea, is the person who plans the survival game to punish them. The process of Matthew Lee and the bad guys getting intertwined with each other is another interesting point that keeps viewers waiting for new episodes to see Matthew Lee’s crazy performance. Attention is focused on how Matthew Lee will punish the seven evils involved in the incident.

It’s also interesting to see the behind-the-scenes where actors created absolute villains in different dimensions. In particular, the impressive performances of Hwang Jung-eum, Shin Eun-kyung and Jung Ra-el as Geum Ra-hee, who had a confrontation with Chairman Bang Chil-sung (Lee Deok-hwa), Cha Joo-ran, and Bang Da-mi whose life has been ruined. Unlike the tension in the drama, the atmosphere on the set was very friendly.

The Escape of The Seven

The production team said, “The convict of evil will appear in earnest. The villains who have done evil acts without hesitation will explode with their madness once again when facing the crisis”, adding “Please pay attention to the counterattack the villains will make against the survival game designed by the convict of evil Matthew Lee”.

According to reports, episode 15 is expected to be restricted to 19+ viewers, heralding intense misdeeds from the villains.

Earlier, “7 Escape” received a complaint from the Korea Communication Standards Commission right after its first broadcasting week. Although details of the complaint have not been disclosed, it is speculated to be about the drama’s provocative content, such as teenage pregnancy and school violence.

Source: Wikitree