“Unanswered Questions” Covers Goo Ha-ra’s Safe Theft, “We Received A Report About The Thief”

At the end of “Unanswered Questions” broadcast on June 15th, a teaser for next week’s episode was revealed. The teaser highlights Goo Ha-ra’s life story, from her childhood appearance to when she debuted as a member of the girl group Kara.

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Goo Ha-ra passed away on November 24th, 2019.

Later in January 2020, the deceased’s funeral process had already done and family members already left Goo Ha-ra’s house in Cheongdam-dong, a man reportedly broke into the late female singer’s house and stole her safe.

The thief tried pressing the password of the front door naturally. After that, he entered the house through the veranda on the second floor smoothly as if he had already known the structure of the house very well then took only the safe in the closet and left.

goo hara

The lawyer in charge of the case revealed that there were jewelry, investment contracts and used cell phones of Goo Ha-ra in the safe. Back then, the police investigated the case for nine months but eventually failed to catch the thief.

Appearing on “Unanswered Questions, Goo Ha-ra’s brother recalled the past and said, “49 days after my sister’s passing, I came to the house and my sister’s friend told me that the safe was gone. I spent all night looking for CCTV footage”. He added, “CCTV was cut off. The thief covered the CCTV with leaves”, revealing one piece of evidence left by the thief.

goo hara-house

The production asked an expert to analyze the evidence, saying “I think the thief is similar to this person”. The expert replied, “I guess so”, with a surprised expression. Later, the production team disclosed the testimony of an acquaintance, saying “He’s an acquaintance and someone who knows what’s inside the safe”.


Capturing the theft’s appearance by zooming on the CCTV, “Unanswered Questions” then received a report about the man in the captured images. According to reports, the thief is a man in his 20s or 30s who is slim and 180cm tall. Adding captions such as “He was wearing glasses with prescription. We received reports about a man who looks similar”, “We are waiting for reports from the person who was commissioned to dismantle the safe in 2020”, etc., raising curiosity about the ongoing story.

In response, netizens commented, “Finally, ‘Unanswered Questions’ is stepping forward”, “I hope they will be able to solve it with the advanced technology these days”, “I’m glad to see the case of Goo Ha-ra’s safe thief is gaining attention again and the Burning Sun Scandal being re-examined”, etc.