‘Uncle Samsik’ Episodes 1 and 2: Byun Yo Han Impresses Song Kang Hyo With His Vision on Politics

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“Uncle Samsik” delivers a unique story about politics and history, with Song Kang Ho and Byun Yo Han teaming up to play the main characters.

Helmed and written by Shin Yeon Shick of “One Win” and “Cassiopeia,” the story is set in the 1960s during the tumultuous time of the South Korean government.

“Uncle Samsik” focuses on the bromance between two individuals who were bound by the same mission: to reform the country and create a better life for the public.

Starring in his first K-drama after 32 years since his debut, Song Kang Ho plays the titular role of Uncle Samsik, whose real name is Park Doo Chil. He is the CEO of Sail Developments, which kept everyone fed three times a day during the war.

He then meets Kim San, played by Byun Yo Han, an economist who studied in the United States and returned to the country as an elite man who joined the Korean Military Academy.

With their one goal, the duo aims to highlight the big role of the economy in the day-to-day lives of the people and not focus and exhaust the government’s funds on war alone.

‘Uncle Samsik’ Episode 1: Kim San Wants Change in the Government

The episode began with Uncle Samsik introducing himself and why he is called such.

A flashback during the 1960s featured a secret bunker with Kim San meeting with the military when he saw Han Min being pulled out of the car wearing a blindfold.

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Kim San called him, and Han Min begged him to mention Samsik’s name, telling them that it was his idea.

Meanwhile, protesters gathered in the streets of Seoul to express their support for Rhee Seungmin, the current president of South Korea.

As for Samsik, two high-ranking leaders of the Seodaemun gang asked him if he could help them get their members out of jail after the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) arrested them.

Before he agrees, he wants to do something for him, and that is to get rid of Yoon Palbong. If they manage to get the job done, Uncle Samsik will use his connection to get the members out of jail.

Meanwhile, Kim San starts his presentation in front of Minister Choi as he talks about his plan for the country’s economy.

However, the minister received a call from the president and had to leave in the middle of Kim San’s presentation.

He insists that the government should prioritize the problem of unemployment instead of re-election, but Minister Choi refused his request and left. One of the significant scenes in “Uncle Samsik,” episode 1, is Kim San’s speech for Choo In Tae.

Despite being mocked by the audience, Kim San tried to catch the attention of the audience by mentioning pizza.

Interestingly, Uncle Samsik has a fascination with pizza and also mentioned it during his speech at the Cheogwoo Federation meeting, which for him symbolized innovation.

As for Kim San, he used this to describe the abundance of the United States. He also mentioned that it wasn’t the US fighter planes that he envied during his time abroad as a student but the luxury of eating three times a day.

Interestingly, his speech caught the attention of Samsik, who noticed that they had a similar outlook for the country.

‘Uncle Samsik’ Episode 2: Uncle Samsik Introduces Himself to Kim San

The second episode highlights Uncle Samsik’s closeness to Kim San.

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After his notable speech, Uncle Samsik can’t help but express how delighted he is to hear his vision for the republic.

He gave his card to him and assured him that they would meet some other time.

Meanwhile, Kim Sam was all over the news; however, instead of his department celebrating his success, he was told that he would be transferred to the audit department.

Due to this, Kim Sam wanted to speak to the minister to appeal, but was sarcastically greeted by Kang Sung Min.

Kim Sam can still recall how arrogant he is, especially when he presented the plan he wrote.

On the other hand, Uncle Samsik was persistent in wanting to befriend Kim Sam and revealed the reason why he was so drawn to him.

According to Samsik, he and Kim Sam have the same goal, but the only difference is that he has the vision to transform South Korea into one of the leading countries.

He also revealed that he read his plan, which he got from Home Affairs.

Due to this, Samsik offered Kim San the presidency position or ministerial seat if he wanted to.

In return, Uncle Samsik promised to support Kim San, but only if he’s willing to follow his plan.