Unfazed by Rumors of Discord, BLACKPINK Members Show Their Support for Each Other Through Lisa’s Comeback

Lisa’s solo comeback music product – ROCKSTAR is receiving attention from global fans. One of the most anticipated things is the reaction from the three BLACKPINK members Jisoo – Jennie – Rosé.

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Jennie, who was previously suspected of discord with Lisa, shared 2 Instagram stories to express her excitement over Lisa’s “super cool” appearance.

In addition, the fan community also found an account on platform X (Twitter) belonging to Jennie’s company that only follows a Lisa fanbase account.

jennie lisa follow twitter
Jennie’s company’s account also followed Lisa’s fanbase account when the MV was launched.

Jisoo is the second person to share the MV to show support for her younger sister Lisa. However, for some unknown reason, she pressed the publish button 7 times, but faced complications every time. On her story, Jisoo wrote: “Huhu, does anyone know what happened? 7 failed attempts already. Please support Lisa’s song a lot.”

jisoo lisa comeback

Despite the transmission error, Jisoo still has a good heart when she captures the screen to prove she has tried to share the MV and also doesn’t forget to remind fans to support Lisa’s comeback MV.

Despite her schedule in France, Rosé could not forget to support her best friend Lisa’s product. On her story, Rosé wrote all the capital letters like she wanted to shout to the whole world: “Whoop, just go up, sis. Lisa is here.” In the second story, she even admitted “I was obssesed” after watching Lisa’s MV. Before that, Rosé also seemed to want to shout “AHHH” when watching her best friend’s hot teaser.

jennie jisoo rose lisa comeback
Lisa reposted the story, expressing her affection for her BLACKPINK sisters

On the morning of June 29, Lisa successively reposted the stories sharing the MV of BLACKPINK’s sisters. With Jisoo, Lisa said “I love you”. Meanwhile, with Jennie, she asserted: “You are the best”. As for her close friend Rosé, Lisa sent her a nostalgic message: “I miss you, my Rosie.”

BLACKPINK always supports each other unconditionally in their personal products