Unidentified man in his 60s stalks 14-year-old singer “She’s my daughter”

What happened to 14-year-old trot singer Oh Yu-jin?

On the November 10th broadcast of SBS’s “Curious Stories Y”, the program delves into the full story of the stalking incident involving 14-year-old trot singer Oh Yu-jin.

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Oh Yu-jin, who developed her skills in a singing class she took with her maternal grandmother when she was little, gained recognition by participating in various trot competition programs and achieving excellent results. However, on October 30th, articles reported that Yu-jin is suffering from stalking by an unidentified man.

oh yu jin

Yu-jin’s grandmother received a suspicious phone call back in early August. The man on the other end claimed that he resembled Yu-jin in a weird way and suggested a meeting. Since that bizarre phone call day, comments claiming to be Yu-jin’s biological father flooded articles and videos related to Yu-jin, numbering from 2 to 30 per day. The person behind these comments, a man in his 60s named Oh (pseudonym), even publicly shared his photos, alleging that he is Yu-jin’s father. He asserted that he had a past relationship with a woman who became pregnant with his child, and that child is Yu-jin.

Oh Yu-jin

Constantly calling and pressuring for a meeting, Oh made Yu-jin and her family fearful. Oh even visited the school where Yu-jin is currently enrolled, watching her and attempting to speak to her. As Oh lives just 10 minutes away from Yu-jin’s house, the anxiety of not knowing when Oh might come to see Yu-jin has taken a toll on Yu-jin’s grandmother, who is even taking psychiatric medication.

Yu-jin, who is now only in middle school, was brought to tears at events, expressing her fear. Why is Oh claiming Yu-jin as his daughter, obsessively pursuing her, causing fear and distress? “Curious Stories Y” will air at 9 PM on November 10th.

Source: Daum