UNIQ’s Sungjoo admits to being married with a son following accidental voicemail exposure

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In a bizarre story, UNIQ member Sungjoo has admitted to being married with a son following speculation that arose after a voicemail left by fellow member Wenhan accidentally exposed him during a birthday livestream.

During the broadcast, Sungjoo played an audio message from fellow UNIQ member Wenhan, who asked, “Is your son sleeping right now? Tell him to quickly come and hug his uncle.”
After playing the message, Sungjoo quickly ended the broadcast, but rumors soon began swirling online about his marital status.

Moments ago, Sungjoo came forward and confirmed the rumors, apologizing to fans for not telling them sooner.

I apologize for having recently surprised many people with the sudden news on online communities and social media, as well as for not having been able to present myself honestly.
Although I wanted to quickly convey the news to the fans who always give me their support and love, I was unable to tell you because it was a situation where I was being cautious.
Even though I’m late, I’m telling you [this] honestly, and I will walk beautifully forward into the future with my precious family as a diligent father and husband.

A wild story, but I hope any fan reaction isn’t that bad since he seems to be living happily, after all. Besides being 30, UNIQ hasn’t done anything as a group since 2018 (WOODZ is a member, for example) and member Yixuan was literally on a reality show about getting engaged, so hopefully at least he can avoid any “you ruined the group” type of fans.