UNIS Gehlee & Elisia Being Mistreated? Lack of Lines in TWICE Cover Draws Flak

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Fans are claiming UNIS members Gehlee and Elisia are being mistreated after the group’s cover of TWICE’s “What is Love?” garnered attention online.

On May 14, 2024, UNIS performed at the KBS Open Concert. On top of their songs, the girl group also surprised the audience with a cover of TWICE’s “What is Love?”

While fans were excited for the cover, there was one thing that stood out: the group’s Filipino members, Gehlee and Elisia, had little to no lines.

This shocked many, as both girls garnered praise for their vocals while competing on “Universe Ticket.” Additionally, both members have vocalist positions in the group; Elisia is UNIS’s main vocal, while Gehlee is the group’s sub-vocalist and visual. With that, many questioned why they had no lines for the performance.

Many also pointed out that UNIS has fewer members than TWICE, with the former having eight members and the latter having nine. Despite that, all the members of TWICE have lines on “What is Love?” This caused fans to question how they couldn’t divide the lines equally among all eight members.

Additionally, it was noted that bigger girl groups are able to divide lines so that each member gets to sing. For example, IZ*ONE had 12 members, and the rookie girl group tripleS has 24.

Some theorized that it could be due to the girl’s language skills. Both Elisia and Gehlee are from the Philippines and are not fluent in Korean. However, it was pointed out that Nana and Kotoko are from Japan and also aren’t fluent but had lines during the cover.

CHECK THIS OUT: Is Elisia The Center of UNIS? K-Netz Discuss Who Deserves The Position  Fans are calling out the girl group’s agency, F&F Entertainment, to demand better treatment for the girls. Many hoped that this would not happen again, and asked the agency to keep this in mind the next time they have UNIS perform a cover.

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UNIS Recent Activities

UNIS recently concluded their successful Philippine fan sign tour, “U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour.” The girl group kickstarted the tour on May 4 in Cebu, followed by two stops in Manila on May 5 and 6.

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UNIS made their debut on March 27, 2024, with their first mini-album, “We Unis,” and its lead single “Superwoman.”