US Concert Venue & Organizer Expose Lee Seung-gi Of Making False Explanation For Concert Cancellation

Organizer of Lee Seung-gi’s US concert protested against the singer-actor’s reason for show cancellations

Recently, Kitab Rollins of New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), which signed a contract with Lee Seung-gi’s for his concerts in New York and New Jersy, officially protested against the “media play” of Lee Seung Gi’s agency and publicized their email.

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Concert Venue’s side, “Don’t make wrong explanation”

Lee Seung-gi’s Korean management agency Human Made said to the media that his concerts in New York and New Jersey were canceled “due to local concert venue problems, not because of poor ticket sales”.

lee seung gi

However, NJPAC claimed Lee Seung-gi’s side made a false explanation and warned Hugh Entertainment, the company that was in charge of Lee Seung Gi’s overseas concert, to not send Human Made’s explanation to customers who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster.

Later, Kakaotalk messages between Human Made’s Jang Jae-ha and Hugh Entertainment were released. According to the content, Jang Jae-ha insisted that ticket sales should not be mentioned in the explanation for concert cancellation. When Hugh Entertainment asked for a specific reason to release a notice to customers, Jang Jae-ha insisted on replacing “poor ticket sales” with “geographical issue”, saying “We should make it as vague as possible”. At that time, Lee Seung-gi’s concert had reportedly sold only 250 seats and had not even reached the break-even point of 1,704 tickets.

Atlanta show would have been canceled if it hadn’t been for Korean companies’ sponsorship

According to the released Kakaotalk conversations, they were also considering canceling the Atlanta concert together with the New York and New Jersey shows because it sold only 205 tickets. 

However, Hugh Entertainment tried to protect Lee Seung-gi’s reputation and image by working with Korus Entertainment, a local Korean entertainment agency in Atlanta, to find sponsors and make up for the loss due to poor ticket sales. They made a verbal promise to visit a restaurant to meet sponsors according to the sponsorship deal.

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung-gi did not visit the restaurant due to “poor health condition due to delay of flight”. In fact, Lee Seung-gi’s manager already sent this explanation for Lee Seung-gi’s absence very early in the morning before the flight from LA to Atlanta departed. 

In the end, Hugh Entertainment reported that they suffered a big loss due to Lee Seung-gi’s concerts in Atlanta, New York and New Jersey. 

Regarding the reason Hugh Entertainment disclosed their Kakaotalk messages with Human Made, they said, “Lee Seung-gi’s kept providing false explanations to deceive local fans who planned to attend the concert as well as Korean companies that sponsored the shows.”

Source: Atlanta K