Veteran Actress Addresses Rumors About Husband: ’17 Years of Happiness Is…’

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Han Chae Young, the renowned South Korean actress, recently addressed swirling rumors regarding her husband, Choi Dong Joon, during her appearance on SBS’s Dolsing Fourmen on June 11.

The speculation arose from a seemingly innocent photo featuring Han Chae Young holding her niece, which inadvertently led to assumptions about her husband’s past marital status.

Han Chae Young
Han Chae Young
(Photo : wikitree)

However, Han Chae Young clarified that the rumors stemmed from a misunderstanding regarding the absence of her sister in the photo, which caused some to jump to the conclusion that her husband might be a divorce.

“My niece really likes my husband, so she was sitting next to him and my older sister was sitting by me. The photo doesn’t show my sister and this sparked the rumors,”

-Han Chae Young 

Dispelling any doubts, the actress emphasized the strength of her relationship with her husband.

“We’ve been married for 17 years, but I am still very happy.”

-Han Chae Young

Han Chae Young tied the knot with Choi Dong Joon back in 2007, and their enduring marriage stands as a testament to their bond.

Despite the occasional speculations that circulate around their personal lives, the couple continues to radiate happiness and solidarity.

Han Chae Young, often referred to as “Barbie” for her striking beauty and elegant demeanor, has left an indelible mark in the realm of South Korean entertainment with her memorable roles in beloved K-Dramas such as Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and Boys Over Flowers.

As the actress navigates the spotlight with grace, her candidness in addressing rumors not only sheds light on the realities of celebrity life but also reinforces the strength of her marital union, serving as an inspiration to fans and admirers alike.

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