Viewers find hints of “Moving Season 2” main character, “Isn’t 930817 Yoo Seung Ho?”

The main character of Kang Full’s worldview has appeared in Disney Plus’s “Moving”

Released on September 13th, episode 16 of “Moving” showed the appearance of Kim Young Tak, the main character of Kang Full’s universe.

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On the broadcast, the past story of Jeongwon High School teacher Choi Il Hwan (Kim Hee Won) was revealed. NIS agent Choi Il Hwan is working as the homeroom teacher of kids with superpowers Kim Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha) Jang Hee Soo (Go Yoon Jung) and Lee Kang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon) to monitor them.

Kim Young Tak made a surprise appearance in the scene where Choi Il Hwan recalled the past when he judged the children’s abilities, drawing attention. Choi Il Hwan asked, “Youngtak, you’re transferring out?”, and began nagging, “Hey, you’re a senior, It’s time for you to focus on studying”. Kim Young Tak then snapped his finger and the tie stopped.


Later, he snapped his finger one more time and the time that had been stopped began to move again. Kim Young Tak’s face was hidden and only his hands and voices were revealed in the drama, raising viewers’ curiosity.

Kim Young Tak is actually the main character of the comic “Timing” by Kang Full, the author of “Moving”, and he has the superpower of stopping time. Kang Full expanded his worldview and let Kim Young Tak join people with superpowers in “Moving” in “Bridge”, a follow-up series to “Moving” original comic. 


In response to Kim Young Tak’s appearance in “Moving”, netizens reacted, “Does it mean ‘Moving’ will have Season 2?”, “I’m a fan of the original story and I think the story is perfect”, “Let’s continue with various seasons, from ‘Bridge’ and even to ‘Hidden’”, etc.

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Fans of Disney Plus’s “Moving” are also raising speculations that the character Kim Young Tak might be played by actor Yoo Seung Ho. They pointed out Kim Young Tak’s resident registration number 930817 in episode 16 was a hint. In fact, 930817 is also Yoo Seung Ho’s birthday.

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