Viewers request the production of season 2 of Lee Dong-wook’s “A Shop for Killers”

As the final episode of “A Shop for Killers” aired on Feb 7th, requests for the production of season 2 are pouring in.

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Disney+’s “A Shop for Killers” was adapted from the novel of the same name by author Kang Ji-young, published in 2020.

In the original novel’s ending, it is revealed that Uncle Jin-man’s death was staged.

A Shop for Killers

Jin-man, who did not want to work with killers, used Babylon to deal with the Black Code.

Eventually, Babylon’s retaliation after knowing all the truth is foreshadowed, and Ji-an becomes the new owner of Murthehelp, wrapping up the original novel’s ending.

In the drama’s ending, Ji-an kills Seong-jo and sheds tears.

At this point, other killers gather near Jin-man’s house with guns. Babylon ordered assassinations on Jeong Ji-an, Brother (Ahn Chang-hee), So Min-hye and Pasin.

When the masked Brother approaches the killers, Ji-an tells him that she is Jin-man’s niece and the new owner of Murthehelp.

She warns that if they continue to intervene, everyone will eventually die. In the end, the killers put down their guns and disappear.

So Min-hye, who protected Ji-an, eventually meets her death. And as Ji-an, feeling desperate at the reality of having no one by her side, sobs, the Code Yellow members arrive to clean up the scene, and Uncle Jin-man (Lee Dong-wook) returns to Ji-an.

Disney+ subscribers, captivated by the unpredictable development and poignant narrative, are eagerly requesting the production of season 2 of “A Shop for Killers”.

Meanwhile, “A Shop for Killers” was released exclusively through Disney+, with 2 episodes airing every Wednesday, totaling 8 episodes.

Source: Wikitree