‘Vigilante’ Episode 4: Yoo Ji Tae Finds Clues Leading to Nam Joo Hyuk

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As the police intensify their search for the vigilante, Nam Joo Hyuk’s identity is on the verge of being exposed.

“Vigilante” episode 4 focuses on chief investigator Cho Heon tailing Kim Ji Yong after their encounter at the hospital.

Moreover, the episode also featured a new character emerging as a vigilante through Lee Joon Hyuk’s role as Cho Kang Ok.

Where to Watch ‘Vigilante’

Airing every Wednesday, viewers could catch the late episode of “Vigilante” through Disney+ and Hulu.


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Interestingly, the streaming platform drops two episodes of Nam Joo Hyuk’s K-drama every week.

Meanwhile, “Vigilante” has a total episode of 8 for the whole season run. 

As for the 5th and 6th episodes, they are scheduled to air on Wednesday, November 22.

‘Vigilante’ Episode 4 Recap

The episode continues with Kim Ji-Yong meeting the person who is imitating the vigilante.

The masked man then offered him to team up since they both have the same mission of hunting down criminals.

However, Kim Ji Yong clarified that he was not on the hunt but rather wanted to serve justice to the victims that the law failed to protect.

After an intense fight, Kim Ji-Yong left the man without knowing his identity.

In the next scene, it was revealed that the masked man is the 2nd generation chaebol, Cho Kang Ok. He is the vice president of DK Company and a huge fan of vigilante.


(Photo : Disney+)

One of the things that he did was reach out to reporter Choi Mi Ryeo. He tells her how impressed he is with the media for glorifying the works of the vigilante and says that he wants to support activities relating to them.

Her interaction with the DK company vice chairman sparked her interest in Sewool Future Resources.


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She found out that the company was involved in illegal gambling and drug distribution.

One of the things that she did was get information about Chairman Kim Sam Doo.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Yong unexpectedly came across chief investigator Cho Heon. This is their third time bumping into each other.


(Photo : Disney+)

The first was during the incident at the hospital, followed by Cho Heon’s visit to their school, and the most recent was when he personally met him in a public place.

The chief investigator was asking Ji Yong about his thoughts regarding the vigilante, as if he were interrogating him. For the chief investigator, he knew that he was one step closer to finding out who the vigilante was.

On the other hand, Kim Ji Yong knew that he was close to being exposed and sought the help of the masked man.