‘Vigilante’ Episode 6: Tables Have Turned for Yoo Ji Tae

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“Vigilante” episode 6 saw unexpected scenarios for Yoo Ji Tae and Nam Joo Hyuk’s characters.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, Disney+ released an action crime K-drama that focuses on the dark hero, who the public refers to as the vigilante.

Kim Ji Yong, played by Nam Joo Hyuk, is a model police student who disguises himself as a vigilante to punish criminals.


(Photo : Disney+)

On his mission, he finds a supporter through the chabeol and CEO Cho Kang Ok, played by Lee Joon Hyuk.

In addition to this, the vigilante’s activities get publicized because of reporter Choi Mi Ryeo, played by Kim Soo Jin,

However, things are not always in favor of Kim Ji Yong, as authorities, led by chief investigator Cho Heon, portrayed by Yoo Ji Tae, are on the hunt to find the vigilante.

‘Vigilante’ Episode 6 Recap

After the intense face-off between Kim Ji Yong and Cho Heon, the vigilante revealed the reason why he was doing such things.

After being labeled by Cho Heon as a traitor to their force, Kim Ji Yong said that it was his calling to protect the individuals against viscous criminals.


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Moreover, he also challenged Cho Heon and the police to step up their game and improve the quality of protection and safety for the people.

At this point, it seemed like he understood where Kim Ji Yong was coming from. However, he still couldn’t accept the fact that he was hurting someone.

On the other hand, since Cho Kang Ok learned about what happened to Ji Yong, he thought of ways to speed things up, and this was where he teamed up with Choi Mi Ryeo, who had been asked to resign.


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(Photo : Disney+)

Sharing one mission, she launched her own channel to report about the vigilante and his targets. Among the things she exposed were the anomalies at Kim Sam Doo’s company and Vole.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Yong continued with his target and found Mitieum Church pastor Shin Jong Eun’s mission a bit confusing and strangled him.

Amid this, he saw Kang Ok and chased after him. At this point, Kim Ji Yong officially accepted the chaebol’s help.

His first mission with Kim Ji Yong was to hand him a pen drive and ask him to give it to reporter Choi Mi Ryeo.

Meanwhile, since Cho Heon got involved in Kang Ok’s claims, it didn’t stop him from closing the case. Instead, he found an unexpected ally with Kim Ji Yong’s help.