Vigilante Season 2 Theories and Renewal Status: What to Expect from the Nam Joo-hyuk Action Thriller Kdrama Ahead?

Wrapping up the tragic actions of the first season abruptly with the eighth and final episode on November 29, 2023, the Disney+ original action thriller series (비질란테) has left a lot to be discussed and conjectured about. While digging into Vigilante Season 2 theories will bring us all some peace, we need concrete content to dive into to further judge the characters and antagonists of this riveting show’s roster.

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Starring Nam Joo-hyuk as Kim Ji-yong by day, and Vigilante by night, Yoo Ji-tae as Jo Heon, the indomitable police officer driven by his moral code and firm trust in the system, Kim So-jin as Choi Mi-ryeo, a journalist reporter driven by her dogged persistence, and Lee Joon-hyuk as the crazed Vigilante fanatic and the DK Group’s VC, Jo Kang-ok, the South Korean series is based on the webtoon created by Kim Gyu-sam.

Vigilante Season 2 Theories - Main Cast
Main Cast of Vigilante Season 1 (Disney+ Korea)

Season 1 of Vigilante first premiered on Disney+ on November 8, and is directed by Choi Jeong-yeol and written for screen by Lee Min-seop. It also starred Lee Seung-woo as Min Seon-wook, Kwon Hae-hyo as Professor Lee Jun-yeop in supporting roles, with Yoon Kyung-ho as Kim Sam-doo, Lee Hae-young as Eom Jae-hyub, and Shin Jung-geun as Mr Bang in antagonistic roles causing trouble for Ji-yong and Jo Heon.

Vigilante Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

Unfortunately, there’s no word on the second season’s renewal yet. It seems that Nam Joo-hyuk only completed filming the first season before enlisting for his mandatory military duties earlier this year. However, we’re still holding on to the slight possibility of him either having started working on the next season (in case it’s already in works), or returning to film it after his military stint’s conclusion in late 2024, especially since other 8-episode Disney+ K-dramas like Shadow Detective and Big Bet have both been a two-season deal in the past.

With Vigilante Season ending on an ambiguous and tragic note, a lot of things have been left in the open that weren’t particularly explored fully in the original chapter of the show. Big names like that of Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji-tae, Kim So-jin, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kwon Hae-hyo and others being involved in this project already calls for many eyes on the show’s progress. Both the show’s popularity and uncharted territory questions open the window for a second season sometime down the line. While we await any official word on the renewal, let’s go over the theories for a potential sequel.

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Vigilante Season 2 Theories and Questions

1. How Will Ji-yong React to His Failed Enterprise to Take Down the Vole, Especially After His Dear Friend’s Death?

Vigilante Season 2 Theories - Nam Joo-hyuk Episode 8

Ji-yong first kicked off his vengeful operation on incurring a traumatic blow after his mother’s murder, but now by the end of the first season, he’s again left feeling lonelier than ever and in an even darker place than he was before. Additionally, he’d given his all to unveil the true villainous faces of the corrupt politician and the police chief, Eom Jae-hyub aka the Vole, but even after his friend’s success, the whole thing falls apart into pieces as Jae-hyub is proclaimed an honourable police officer and is even promoted posthumously as part of the politician’s game plan to clear his name from the cryptocurrency scandal.

The story is far from over because Ji-yong had always hoped to shut this criminal operation down and get the upper hand in the hand, but the tables turn on him, leaving far off from his imagined destination to mete out justice. Now that Mi-ryeo has associated his late friend, Seon-wook’s name with the Vigilante’s identity revelation, this setup still leaves more opportunities for Ji-yong’s rebirth as the Vigilante down the line and deal with his unfinished business.

With Jo Heon, Mi-ryeo and Kang-ok, all on his side, in one way or another, he’s built up a support system whether he acknowledges it or not, and together they can do a lot of damage to the ones who truly deserve it. We can’t wait for this chapter to be reopened in the next possible season.

2. Why Does Jo Heon Feel So Compelled to Protect Ji-yong?

Vigilante Season 2 Theories - Yoo Ji-tae

Jo Heon first opted for violence to deal with the Vigilante, but then over the time as Ji-yong sharply conveyed his ideology to him, his mind start to change as well. He, too, is now cognisant of the failing system and that sometimes people just can’t change regardless of how hard you try. In Vigilante Episode 8, Jo Heon actively does his best to protect Ji-yong with his all his might.

He begins by trying to sort out the mess verbally with Eom Jae-hyub, and by threatening him with the power vested in the justice system, but as soon as he sees that Jae-hyub was willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate Ji-yong he gets down to his “informal” speech with him and batters him up violently for having attacked his junior.

How did Ji-yong bring about this change of heart in Jo Heon? Did Heon share a similar history with someone else in the force, or maybe someone from his family? Do the memories of this supposed former loss get triggered by the idea of him losing Ji-yong? Is this why he’s been persistently coercing Ji-yong to hang up his Vigilante cape?

3. Kim So-jin and Jo Heon Tied Together Through a Common Link

Vigilante Episode 8 Ending - Kim So-jin and Yoo Ji-tae

By the end of the season, Mi-ryeo points out that Jo Heon and she have a common link that brings them together now – the Vigilante, and that their work here isn’t done yet, hinting at their reunion and partnership in the future. Plus, even with her report shedding light on the wrong deeds of the Vole, the politician’s takeover has only further messed things up and pushed their hard work down the drain.

How will she respond to this twist? Moreover, as seen in one of the final scenes of the last episode, she and Jo Heon together also appear to be the unlikely parental figures Ji-yong never had before. Will them finally coming together like this change the way Ji-yong takes on all the burden on his sole shoulders? Will this somehow result in a found-family dynamic that will soften Ji-yong’s heart sometime later?

4. Why is Kang-ok Relying on Ji-yong? What Does He Have Against His Company’s CEO / His History With Kim Sam-doo

Vigilante Season 2 Theories - Lee Joon-hyuk

Kang-ok has it all – the resources to back the Vigilante operation and even the agile strength to face off against criminals. Then why has been clinging to Ji-yong for so long? Will the second season delve further into his fanaticism for the Vigilante identity? While this origin story is yet to be tested out, we do however already know that he also had an ulterior motive behind it all and that was to gather incriminating evidence against Sewool Resources’ Kim Sam-doo, so that they could eliminate the chairman above them without any problem.

During Kang-ok’s initial introduction, Mi-ryeo also viewed Kang-ok as a suspicious ally as soon as she traced his company’s connections with Sam-doo’s operation. So, have Sam-doo and Kang-ok worked together in the past? And how does the chairman above them link into all this mess? Was he the one pulling all the threads so far? If so, is he the same politician who had connections with the Vole?

5. Is the Professor Aware of the Vigilante’s Real Identity?

Vigilante Season 2 Theories - Kwon Hae-hyo

In some earlier interactions, it was revealed that the Police Academy professor shares history with Jo Heon, as both had worked together in the past, revealing Jun-yeop’s agility in the field and making one of the best at what he does. So far his character has always seemed to be on Ji-yong’s tail, and yet we still haven’t figured out his real deal yet.

He’s been keenly observing Ji-yong all this time, and in ways this silence hints at the possibility that he already knows Ji-yong’s secret, but then why has he been so quiet about this? Is he playing a long game against Ji-yong? Or will he turn out to be one of Ji-yong’s supporters in the future? It all remains a mystery until and unless the characters are revisited later.

6. How Will the Team Take Down the Corrupt Politician?

Vigilante Season 2 Theories - Politician

In addition to the obvious enemy they’ve found in the politician who’d joined hands with the Vole, there’s also the chairman of Kang-ok’s company to consider. Are these two people going to play the big bad roles in the season, much like how Kim Sam-doo and the Vole were the formidable adversaries of the first season? Are these two significant players somehow connected to each other too?

The first season of Vigilante Kdrama is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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