1. Around the time the broadcast started, she was physically ab*sed by her ex-boyfriend almost twice a day.

2. Her ex-boyfriend forced her to go to the place he worked and serve drinks.

3. She was threatened with molka footage being distributed.

4. During their relationship, she never received any earnings from her broadcasts or advertisements; her ex-boyfriend took them.

5. He pressured her to quit broadcasting.

6. He made her sign an unfair contract to take her money.

1. Hul what is happening…….

2. Aigo, the photos of the ass**lt tooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ haㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. This is insane……….

4. This is so scary and it must’ve been so painful for her.. ah… just hearing his voice… what is Tzuyang going to do ah…..

5. The recording was so scaryㅠㅠ

6. Wow… the recording sounded so cruel…. Save Tzuyang…..

7. Find strength, I support you, really…….

8. No but he was like this until recently?? Ha….

9. She said that he acted that way for 4 years out of 5? Crazy

10. Sigh… what a f*cking trash… the wrecker accounts who reported this are honestly insane


1. Before the broadcast, she met her boyfriend while on a break from school.

2. Her boyfriend gradually became more violent.

3. When she tried to break up, he threatened to distribute her molka footage.

4. He hit her with objects like an umbrella.

5. He took her to the place where he worked (a bar).

6. He told her she only needed to serve drinks, and she was forced to work there.

7. She worked there for a short time, and he took all the money she earned (there are transaction records).

8. She was too scared to speak up, and when she said she wanted to quit, he hit her again.

9. He threatened to tell her family, so she couldn’t resist. She was beaten at least twice a day.

10. He asked how she would earn money, so she started broadcasting to make money.

11. She continued broadcasting while being physically ab*sed.

12. In the early days, he took all the money she earned from broadcasting, even the money to buy fried chicken.

13. When her broadcast became successful, he set up an agency and made her sign an unfair 7:3 contract.

14. She never received any advertising revenue.

15. When she was criticized for hidden advertising, he told her to quit broadcasting.

16. When her public image improved, he told her to return to broadcasting (she didn’t want to) – but there are Katalk chat logs as evidence.

17. She couldn’t resist because she was afraid her weaknesses would be exposed.

18. Employees found out and tried to support her, but she stopped them. He also threatened the employees, breaking cameras and monitors.

19. This went on for 4 years (she has a 5-year broadcasting career, and this was resolved recently).

20. He even hit her in front of the employees.

21. He exaggeratedly criticized her to others and threatened them, extorting over 200 million won.

22. She was too scared to act, and the employees fought for her and resolved the issue.

23. She offered to give him all her money to leave, but he wasn’t satisfied and claimed her success was thanks to him.

24. He cut off contact but still came to her house, contacted employees, and made threatening calls (threatening to k*ll her family).

25. He spread exaggerated stories to people around her and other YouTubers, so she proceeded with a lawsuit.

26. The lawsuit process was mentally exhausting, and the employees mostly helped her, so she didn’t know the details of the threats against other YouTubers.

27. She still doesn’t want this matter to be public.

1. She suffered so much

2. I’m so shocked that people who found out about this are blackmailing and extorting money from her again. I hope they are punished. Humanity has failed. Tzuyang is not at fault and I hope she stays strong and doesn’t let the past bother her anymore.

3. Tzuyang always seemed so cheerful and nice on her show, but behind the scenes, there was such a terrible thing happening. How did she manage to hold on for so long? It’s great that she kept her head up. She didn’t do anything wrong. She should sue all the bad guys and live in peace.

4. I feel so bad for Tzuyang… imagine how hard she had it all this time

5. The evidences from the recording to the pictures are so shocking. That male bast*rd was wailing and making a mess

6. Tzuyang, let’s only be happy from now onㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. Tzuyang-nim, please sue those wrecker channels and ask for the 400 million won you never received… please….

8. Her ex-boyfriend was already trash but the YouTubers who heard about her weaknesses and made videos about this are just as bad. I’m so turned off by the world

9. So her ex-boyfriend k*lled himself according to her lawyer since they said that he had no charges and no prosecution and mentioned his bereaved family

10. That crazy bast*rd k*lled himself because he was scared after getting sued