Visual of rookie idol who was cast by SM through Instagram DM like aespa Karina

For idols, appearance is as important as singing and dancing skills

Many idols who are currently active were cast by entertainment companies and debuted thanks to their outstanding looks.

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riize Won Bin

Recently, there are many cases of being cast through Instagram. The most representative example is aespa Karina.

Among the new idol members who debuted under SM this time, it is said that there is a member who was cast by SM through Instagram DM like Karina, drawing attention.

He is RIIZE Wonbin, who is gaining huge popularity as soon as he debuted.

Wonbin attracted fans’ attention with his visuals from the day of being revealed. Although he has light double eyelids, the harmony between his big eyes and facial features is perfect, making him look like he came out of a romance comic.

riize Won Bin

Maybe that’s why Wonbin’s visuals draw attention every time a stage video is released.

It is known that as soon as SM saw Wonbin’s Instagram, they sent him a DM and casted him just like Karina.

Wonbin, who auditioned after receiving a DM, joined SM in 2019 and made his debut as a member of RIIZE.

riize Won Bin

Wonbin is considered an “all-rounder” within the group because of his outstanding visuals as well as excellent singing and dancing skills.

Meanwhile, RIIZE released their first single “Get A Guitar” on Sep 4th. The total number of pre-orders for the album exceeded 1,032,144 copies, heralding that RIIZE would become a million-seller immediately upon their debut.

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