VIXX Hyuk Confirms Military Enlistment on THIS Date + Writes Letter to Starlights

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The military enlistment of VIXX’s youngest member Hyuk has been confirmed through an announcement from Companion Company.

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VIXX Hyuk to Enlist in Military On THIS Date, Idol Writes Letter to Starlights

On March 21, Companion Company released a brief statement announcing the military enlistment of Hyuk.

(Photo : Instagram: @hsh0705)

According to sources, Hyuk will begin his enlistment in the military on April 18. The agency added that Hyuk hopes to return from duty in good shape, and asked fans to give their support for the idol during his service.

Hyuk will enter the training center on the 18th of April,” the agency shared. “Hyuk will return after completing his service. We ask for your support and encouragement towards Hyuk until he returns from his duty.”

(Photo : Instagram: @hsh0705)

Afterwards, Companion Company followed up with a personal letter from Hyuk, who addressed his enlistment and assured fans of his safe return. Furthermore, Hyuk expressed enthusiasm for his fan concert “Home,” which will be held on March 30.  Read his full letter below:

“Hello, Starlights!

This is Hyuk, the maknae of VIXX.

Firstly, I would like to inform everyone that I will be enlisting in the military on April 18. You all must have been shocked by the news.

This information was revealed through a news article, so I thought that must have surprised you, and I was worried that Starlights would get upset.

I wanted to make the best out of the happy and endearing moments until the fan concert and talk about it together, but I’m sad since I couldn’t do it. But we still do have the ‘Home’ party, and through this remaining time, we should make a lot of precious memories before I leave!

I’m attentive regarding the concerns and support of fans, so I promise to come back in good health. I will return to you as VIXX Hyuk and Han Sang Hyuk, who have now grown mentally and physically!

Please send your supportive messages and how you’re doing while staying healthy, alright?!”


On X (Twitter), Starlights bid Hyuk farewell and wished him the best of luck in his service.

  • “Hyuk. I’ll be waiting for you. Take care and come back, and let’s make more fun memories.”

  • “Starlight will be waiting for you to come back, and you must come back healthy. Take of yourself and wait for your comeback!”

  • “My feelings are mine, but I’m worried that Hyuk will be very upset and distressed if he talks like this.Hyuk, the starlight always floats in the sky, right?We will always stay here.”
  • “So, let’s have fun and stay healthy on March 30th!Thank you for always putting us first! I love you.”
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