V’s stalker arrested, revealed to be woman in her thirties

Article: Woman in her 30s arrested for stalking BTS V “went to his home and gave him marriage registration papers”

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+392] She gave him marriage registration papers only to receive police report papers back

[+209] What are you doing at your big age, sigh

[+72] Why the f*ck are people like this to Taehyung

[+64] Sasaengs are criminals, yup yup

[+47] Not a V fan but a sasaeng as dedicated as that could use her passion and knack for finding information to do better things in life… 😭 Please use your skills for good.

[+43] Wake up

[+33] Do you want to get in trouble with Jennie??? 🔥

[+15] I remember TVXQ used to suffer from stalkers like this…….

[+10] She obviously went to him with the utmost confidence that there is no one on this earth who loves him as much as she does, but she failed to realize that behaving like this only gives him more anxiety and troubles. 

[+7] Everyone’s just getting crazier and crazier in this world…

[+5] Can people please just live their lives, why are you being ridiculous like this

[+5] Now it’s time to get a restraining order and sue to get them in jail, gogo