WAKEONE Slammed For Excluding Yujin From Kep1er ‘Straight Line’ Teaser: ‘Where Is She?!’

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WAKEONE is drawing backlash for not showing Kep1er member Yujin in the latest “Straight Line” teaser.

With just a little less than three months until their contracts expire, Kep1er shows no signs of stopping activities. They are set to release their first full-length Japanese album with the lead single “Straight Line” and have been releasing teasers to hype up the release.

However, things went south after Kep1ians noticed one member was left out of the latest teaser. Keep on reading for all the details.

Kep1er Releases the Second ‘Straight Line’ Teaser

Kep1er is scheduled to release their first full-length Japanese album on May 8, 2024. The album, titled “Kep1going,” will be promoted with its lead single, “Straight Line.”

On April 21, 2024, the second teaser for “Straight Line” was released. The video features stunning close-up scenes of the members walking a runway as well as performing the choreography. The teaser is expensive and sultry, showing off Kep1er’s charms.

However, it was noted that all but one member received a close-up show. The one who didn’t was the group’s oldest, Yujin.

WAKEONE Under Fire For Excluding Yujin From Kep1er ‘Straight Line’ Teaser

This did not go unnoticed by fans, who immediately called out WAKEONE for not featuring the member more prominently in the teaser. While she was visible in the dance scenes, she was never the member in the center, nor was she given any actual screen time.

It was noted that in the first teaser, she did get some screen time, but still not as much as the other members. In fact, in the first teaser, Yujin only received three seconds of screen time, and some of it was shared with other members.

The fact that she was not the prominent focus of the first teaser and was fully excluded from the second teaser drew backlash from fans, who claim the agency is trying to bury her.

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The fans are immediately calling for WAKEONE to treat Yujin properly, especially since Kep1er’s contract is almost up. They are shocked at the fact that she has no individual scenes and hope that the music video will feature Yujin more prominently than in the teasers.

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