WAKEONE’s Explosive Response Clears ZB1 Kim Jiwoong of Videocall Accusations — Details Inside

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In the aftermath of a recent fan meeting event, ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong found himself at the center of controversy as a fan accused him of using inappropriate language following a video call.

The fan, armed with a brief clip as evidence, raised questions about the idol’s behavior, specifically inquiring whether it was customary to conclude a fan call with explicit language.

 ZB1 Kim Jiwoong
(Photo : MHN Sports)
ZB1 Kim Jiwoong

Management’s Swift Response

In a proactive move, WAKEONE, the management agency overseeing ZEROBASEONE, promptly addressed the allegations through a statement to South Korean press MK Sports.


The agency categorically dismissed the accusations as “not true,” asserting that the idol and other relevant staff present at the event confirmed the absence of any offensive language.

WAKEONE’s Defense and Confirmation

“We checked with Kim Jiwoong himself and confirmed that the accusations are not true. Other administrative and interpreting staff also confirmed, too,” stated WAKEONE in defense of the idol.

The agency reiterated the idol’s innocence and expressed confidence in the collective testimony of the involved personnel.

Legal Action and Digital Media Forensic Analysis

In an effort to quell the spreading of false information, WAKEONE issued a warning of potential legal action against those responsible.

The management took a proactive stance by investigating the issue at hand and subjecting the contentious video clip(s) to analysis by a digital media forensic team.

“For an even more accurate and unbiased analysis of what happened, we’ll work with a digital media forensic team and other professional methods to unveil the truth. We’re going to do everything we can to protect the artist under our management,” affirmed WAKEONE in their commitment to transparency.

Controversial Pre-Statement Warning

Before issuing this response, WAKEONE had previously issued a warning regarding “various crimes against ZEROBASEONE.”

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This preemptive statement, deemed by some as “ill-timed,” generated its own share of backlash, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding situation.