Wang Yibo Paris Fashion Week Look Hilariously Gets Compared to Feather Duster — Check It Out Here!

Wang Yibo’s outfit for Paris Fashion Week is drawing attention for looking like… a feather duster!

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On June 22, 2024, Wang Yibo attended Paris Fashion Week, specifically watching Loewe’s fashion show. For the event, Wang Yibo sported a black jacket layered over a denim shirt. Hanging on the denim shirt were pieces of bright pink, orange, yellow, and blue fabric.

The shirt is a one-of-a-kind piece from Loewe’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection. As it is one-of-a-kind, the items will not be produced again, nor is it up for sale.

The idol-actor’s look drew mixed reactions from netizens. The avant-garde look received some compliments, who claimed it was fashionable and innovative.

Others, however, were not as receptive to Wang Yibo’s look. Some claimed that the array of fabrics resembled a feather duster, a toilet-cleaning brush, and even capteh (feathered shuttlecock). Others joked that it reminded them of their childhoods, as it resembled household items their parents used to discipline them as children.

Wang Yibo Paris Fashion Week Hilariously Gets Compared to Feather Duster — Check It Out Here!
Wang Yibo Paris Fashion Week Hilariously Gets Compared to Feather Duster — Check It Out Here!
(Photo : HYPE MY on Instagram)

Some netizens speculated that Wang Yibo was not fond of the item either. They pointed out that Wang Yibo was not pictured smiling at the event and donned a sour expression.

It was also mentioned that the first photo in Wang Yibo’s Instagram post featured the outfit but in black and white.

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Wang Yibo was appointed the global brand ambassador for Loewe on June 21, just days before Paris Fashion Week. Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s creative director, had this to say following Wang Yibo’s appointment: “Not only has he achieved global recognition as a singer and dancer, he’s also exploring new territories including acting, motorcycle racing and fashion – we love this multifaceted approach to creativity and how much it resonates with Loewe’s own prismatic identity.”

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Wang Yibo has praised Loewe’s vision, stating that the brand showcases “a relentless pursuit of craft and bold aesthetics.” He also added, “Anderson infuses the collections with so much humor from everyday life while drawing inspiration from the art world, which creates a unique visual language. I’m looking forward to joining Loewe and creating many more remarkable moments together.”