Watch Korean Series “Hide” On K-PLUS + More Drama Details

In Hide, a perfect life broke down in an instant!

Hide is a 12-episode mystery thriller starring Lee Bo Young (Agency, When My Love Blooms, God’s Gift 14 Days, I Can Hear Your Voice), Lee Mu Saeng (The Glory, Cleaning Up, The World of the Married, Gyeongseong Creature 2), Lee Chung Ah (Celebrity, One Dollar Lawyer, VIP, My Dearest Part 2) and Lee Min Jae (Crash Course in Romance, The Golden Spoon, Weak Hero Class 2, Oh! Young-Sim).

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A remake of TV Series “Keeping Faith” which recorded No.1 in all-time ratings for BBC, about the story of a woman who looks for her missing husband and comes face-to-face
with the hard truth behind his disappearance.

Na Mun-young (Lee Bo Young) had been deprived of dreams after her father disappeared and left her to fend for herself at a young age. She worked hard and eventually became a prosecutor. Mun-young meets Cha Sung-jae (Lee Mu Saeng), who inspires her to start dreaming of a future again.

With a perfect husband, Mun-young thought that life would stay smooth, but one day, Sung-jae disappeared the same way her father did. Ha Yeon-joo (Lee Chung Ah) is the friendly neighbor of the couple, and Do Jin-woo (Lee Min Jae) is a mysterious man who holds the key to the secret.

Mun-young was a child that had been deprived of her dream. One day, her father disappeared and left her young and all alone in the world. To Mun-young who had to live through a hellish everyday life, any future aspirations for her were a luxury.

Then, a certain man entered her life after she had become a prosecutor to survive in the world. He led her to begin having aspirations. Mun-young who had been used to a life of living alone, dared to dream about sharing her future with him. With an attentive husband and adorable children, it seemed like her life had finally arrived at peace.

Up until the day her husband completely disappears in the same manner as that day her father did from many years ago. One morning, Sung-jae disappears after leaving the house for work, Mun-young panics upon discovering her husband’s sudden disappearance. But as his absence grows longer, hidden secrets and lies are continuously uncovered.

Was he really the husband she knew? What kind of a person was he really?

Directed by PD Kim Dong-hwi (The Tale of Nokdu, Fight for My Way) and written by Lee Hee-soo, Choi Ah-yul and Hwang Yoo-jung along with writer Yoo Bo-ra (Reflection of You) in the creator role. Collaborating with the production team behind ‘The Glory’, the creative synergy promises to bring an enticing and suspenseful storyline to life.

A high quality based on strong original work, with a well-made script as well as an exciting strong start and strong finish made through a carefully selected writing crew collaboration for this project.

“Hide” Unravels First Glimpse of its Intriguing Story and Characters

Hide will premiere on K-PLUS starting 23 March 2024, Saturday at 10.30 pm (GMT+8). New episodes will air weekly every Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 pm (GMT+8) right after Korea’s airing.

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