[WATCH] SEVENTEEN’s Surprising BLACKPINK Obsession Goes Viral

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SEVENTEEN, known for their remarkable performances and strong fanbase, has once again stirred up excitement among K-pop enthusiasts.

In their latest video, posted on May 15 as part of their series “Going Seventeen,” the group showcased their love for fellow idols BLACKPINK, sending fans into a frenzy.

The episode brought back the beloved “Going Rangers” segment but added a twist with a “Try Not To Laugh” challenge, pitting the Rangers against each other to see who could keep a straight face.

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Amidst the laughter and challenges, SEVENTEEN members Mingyu and Hoshi made a surprising move by incorporating BLACKPINK into their introduction.

Mingyu and Hoshi
Mingyu and Hoshi
(Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

Hoshi, playing the role of the “Black Ranger,” and Mingyu, as the “Pink Ranger,” danced to BLACKPINK’s iconic tunes as part of their playful introduction.

The attempt to break their teammate DK’s composure led to hilarious renditions of BLACKPINK hits like “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and even Lisa’s part in “Pink Venom.”

(Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

The unexpected BLACKPINK references didn’t stop there. DK, known for his impressive vocal range, took it a step further by flawlessly performing Lisa’s rap segment from “Pink Venom.”

This playful tribute to BLACKPINK, combined with the group’s past interactions, including Mingyu’s connections with Lisa and Jisoo at brand events, has captivated netizens.

The video’s release sparked a wave of excitement online, with fans and netizens expressing their delight at SEVENTEEN’s admiration for BLACKPINK.

Comments flooded social media platforms, jokingly referring to the interactions as “crumbs” while the BLACKPINK members pursued their individual projects.

SEVENTEEN’s genuine respect and affection for BLACKPINK, evident in their playful homage during “Going Seventeen,” continue to strengthen the bond between two of the industry’s top third-generation groups.

You can watch the full video here.