Waterbomb Seoul 2024 concludes with Nayeon (plus Julie) and Taemin, also whatever Sunmi I could scrounge up

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Hello and welcome to the third and final day of Waterbomb Seoul 2024 recaps, which I was forced to do by my audience and definitely wasn’t done because I wanted to gawk at hot celebs.


When Nayeon (TWICE) returned recently with “ABCD” it seemed to lean into a sexy diva type image that matched perfectly with her scheduled Waterbomb appearance, and sure enough, she seemed to fit in.


“Love Countdown”

As like a bonus specifically for my borderline KISS OF LIFE stan brain, Julie was a guest on her stage to perform their song “Magic“.


Also, this was cute.

The other big name for the third day was Taemin (SHINee), who also did a bunch of his hits while doing a bit of underwear modeling.

“Black Rose”




One of the disappointments for me was a former Waterbomb queen in Sunmi, though not because of anything she did, but more being disappointed at people who take fancams.

She looked like this…

…and all we got was like minute-long videos or stuff shot from far away/weird angles (but thank you to those who did).

Unfortunately, we’re back to normal content now.