“We Solve Math Problems When We’re Bored” Female Idol Express Desire to Attempt College Entrance Exam

aespa members reveal their surprising hobbies 

aespa’s Winter and Karina appeared on the YouTube show ‘MMTG’ on November 23rd. 

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In the video, Karina revealed a new hobby she started with Winter, “We were so bored that we bought a math workbook and solved problems.” 

aespa winter

She then shared the math workbook they worked on together, prompting surprised reactions from host Jaejae, who commented, “This is tear-inducing. How can this be? Are you really solving math problems in your dorm?”

Winter added, “We also bought a Sudoku workbook this time. We bought coloring books too. It’s really fun. It feels like we’re in a study room.” 

When asked if they might end up getting math tutoring, Winter responded, “I just want to take the college entrance exam once. I also want to try getting certifications later, like Korean history.”

aespa winter

On the other hand, Karina revealed she watched the drama ‘The Heirs’ five times, surprising everyone. She mentioned, “It’s funny that Kim Woo Bin senior is a bad person when he has short hair and a good person when he covers his hair.” 

Referring to Kim Woo Bin’s role as Choi Young Do in ‘The Heirs,’ when Jaejae suggested they might have imitated the lines while watching, she jokingly replied, “It’s like Lucifer’s appearance at the school of devils.”

Source: daum