‘Wedding Impossible’ Captures Jeon Jong Seo & Moon Sang Min’s Chaotic Chemistry

As the “Wedding Impossible” premiere draws nearer, more and more exciting teasers are being released to intensify the prospective viewers’ excitement.

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The brand new teaser captures the chaotic chemistry between Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min, the two opposite individuals who get attracted to one another under circumstances.

Check out the new “Wedding Impossible” teaser below by reading more.

Jeon Jong Seo & Moon Sang Min Sabotage Each Other In ‘Wedding Impossible’

On February 14, a new video teaser for “Wedding Impossible” was unveiled, heightening the anticipation for Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min’s brand new series.

'Wedding Impossible’ Poster
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Jeon Jong Seo

The drama tells the chaotic romance between an unknown actress who decides on a fake marriage with her best friend whose brother sabotages everything for his own pleasure.

In the newly released preview, viewers are able to see Na Ah Jung’s (Jeon Jong Seo) determination to take down Lee Ji Han’s (Moon Sang Min) plans in sabotaging her.

She dons a beautiful wedding gown paired with her bright smile, emphasizing her decision to marry Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan), with whom she agreed a fake relationship with.

'Wedding Impossible' Stills
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
‘Wedding Impossible’ Teaser Captures Jeon Jong Seo & Moon Sang Min Heart-Fluttering Chemistry

This makes Lee Ji Han scoff, clearly displeased with their decision. Because of this, he takes matters into his own hands and personally investigates Na Ah Jung’s life.

He warns her by revealing what he knows about her relationship with her brother. Lee Ji Han even throws a tantrum in front of his brother, creating a hilarious moment.

Frustrated with his behavior, Na Ah Jung tosses a handbag to him, hinting at her retaliation which only escalates the tension to a whole new level, leaving viewers intrigued with their chaos.

'Wedding Impossible’ Poster
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Moon Sang Min

Don’t miss how Na Ah Jung and Lee Ji Han’s relationship blooms as they grow closer in “Wedding Impossible.” Watch the teaser below:

‘Wedding Impossible’ Further Details & Premiere Date

“Wedding Impossible” marks Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min’s first-ever K-drama together, making the viewers anticipate the work more.

In particular, the two are also joined by Kim Do Wan and Bae Yoon Kyung who will play the characters that are close to the duo. Curiosity is raised whether they will make or break the main couple’s relationship in the show.

‘Wedding Impossible’ Teaser Captures Jeon Jong Seo & Moon Sang Min Heart-Fluttering Chemistry
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Kim Do Wan, Moon Sang Min, Jeon Jong Seo

Fans look forward to seeing the quartet’s chemistry as they pose a refreshing combination that intensifies the viewers’ excitement.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Wedding Impossible” this February 26 at 8:50 p.m. KST on tvN.