‘Wedding Impossible’ Episode 11: Moon Sang Min Reunites With Jeon Jong Seo

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 “Wedding Impossible” focuses on uncovering the truth behind the lies of Moon Sang Min, Jeon Jong Seo, and Kim Do Wan.

In addition, episode 11 also touched on the story behind the tragic death of the chairman’s daughter.

‘Wedding Impossible’ Viewership

As the rom-com drama reached its final week, “Wedding Impossible” episode 11 saw a slight boost in rating.

Wedding Impossible
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In a report, Nielsen Korea recorded an average nationwide rating of 2.8 percent, a minimal increase from its previous viewership of 2.2 percent.

Interestingly, they managed to surpass the rating of ENA’s “The Midnight Studio” with an average nationwide rating of 2.2 percent.

‘Wedding Impossible’ Episode 11 Recap: Did Na Ah Jeong Cause the Brothers’ Fallout?

The episode began with Na Ah Jeong rushing to Lee Ji Han’s press conference to reveal the truth behind his relationship with her.

He apologized to the public and took all the blame to save his brothers, Lee Do Han and Na Ah Jeong, from the criticism.Due to this, he also resigned from the company.

Unfortunately, Na Ah Jeong failed to meet Ji Han during the press conference.

The next scene featured a heart-to-heart talk between Do Han and Ah Jeong.

Ah Jeong is worried about Ji Han, whom they have not seen after the press conference. As for Do Han, he promised that he’d keep looking for his brother.

In episode 11, Do Han found out that his grandfather, chairman Hyun Dae Ho, knew about his secret and the truth about his sexuality.

He is also the one who tailed him when he was in the U.S. but hoped that Do Han would come forward and talk to him about it.

Another highlight of “Wedding Impossible” episode 11 is the chairman’s connection with the deaths of Lee Ji Han and Lee Do Han’s mother.

It turned out that the person behind it was his son-in-law but he chose to cover it up for unknown reasons.

According to him, it was the most heartbreaking thing that he did, and he wishes that he could turn back time to make things right.

Choi Seung Ah was also devastated after finding out that her father was the reason behind her mother’s death.

In the last scene, Lee Ji Han went to the place where he and Na Ah Jeong first dated and recalled how things were back then.

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He wanted Ah Jeong to find her true happiness but, at the same time, didn’t want to hurt his brother. Due to this, he chose to leave and spend time alone to think.

However, during his visit with his mother, along with the chairman, Ji Han witnessed an amazing surprise and saw Na Ah Jeong standing at the doorway.

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