‘Wedding Impossible’ Episode 12: Who Did Jeon Jong Seo End Up With?

‎ “Wedding Impossible” Episode 12 was filled with heart-fluttering scenes, featuring Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, and Kim Do Wan’s characters. On top of this, the finale featured special cameos of South Korea’s heartthrobs.

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Wedding Impossible
Moon Sang Min, Jeon Jong Seo
(Photo : tvN)

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Wedding Impossible” focuses on Na Ah Jeong’s secret. Played by Jeon Jong Seo, she is a B-list actress who agreed to become the fake fiancee of Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan), a third-generation chaebol who is set to become the heir of their conglomerate.

However, their complicated relationship is bound to become more chaotic because of his brother Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min), who strongly opposes their relationship.

‘Wedding Impossible’ Rating: Romance K-Drama Meets Boost in Viewership

The rom-com K-drama showcased a slight boost in rating as the series aired its final episode.

Wedding Impossible
(Photo : tvN)

In a report by Nielsen Korea, the series recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 3.7 percent, a minimal increase of 0.9 percent from its previous episode of 2.8 percent.

Unfortunately, the finale episode failed to beat the show’s highest viewership of 4.066 percent during the second episode.

‘Wedding Impossible’ Episode 12 Recap: Is It Happy Ending for Na Ah Jeong and Lee Ji Han?

The episode began after Na Ah Jeong and Lee Ji Han decided to end their romance. Ah Jeong continued to work as an actress and eventually secured better projects.

From supporting characters, she was finally getting lead roles that she dreamed of.

Meanwhile, Lee Do Han returned to Seoul after a year overseas. He met with Na Ah Jeong, just like before, and they remained good friends despite the incident.

As for Lee Ji Han, he was working with Eun Taek, and has mended things with his retired grandfather. In one scene, the former CEO asked his grandson what happened between him and Na Ah Jeong.

As if he didn’t know anything, Ji Han never explained why he decided not to continue dating her. But for Ji Han, he still thought of Na Ah Jeong.

One day, he mustered up the courage and visited her at her place. The only excuse he had was to return her umbrella. Of course, Na Ah Jeong was thrilled to see him again.

Wedding Impossible
(Photo : tvN)

At this point, she let him come along to work. He even got jealous during her kiss scene with a co-star.

From here, the closeness between Ah Jeong and Ji Han has returned, which has made her family think that they were dating.

In the last scene, Ji Han attended Na Ah Jeong’s shoot. He crashed a wedding scene and ran away with Na Ah Jeong.

Interestingly, the finale left with a cliffhanger after Ji Han proposed to Na Ah Jeong.

Wedding Impossible
(Photo : tvN)

Will There Be ‘Wedding Impossible’ Season 2?

The series captured the audience with the cast members’ chemistry and unique plot.

However, as of this writing, “Wedding Impossible” Season 2 is yet to be confirmed by officials since there is no official statement regarding its renewal.

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