“Wedding Impossible” Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

Backfiring plans is the keyword this week. Our petty younger brother makes it his mission to snatch away this sneaky woman who came to ruin her plans.

But wouldn’t you know it? He ends up falling for her, instead. And perhaps those growing emotions will get him on the right track and stop him from meddling with other people’s lives.

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Wedding Impossible Episodes 3 and 4 Highlights

“I just became a cupid for them.”

Having scored his own goal by hooking Do-han and Ah-jeong together, Ji-han turns pouty and racks his brain on how to correct his mistake. He stakes out in front of Ah-jeong’s house until he meets her. But fake apologies or digging into her secrets won’t make Ah-jeong back out of this marriage.

After trying hard to make her acting career work out, Ah-jeong wants to take a new path. She will play the female lead this time and take the spotlight. Better off, Do-han truly needs her to get out of his messy family.

Do-han and Ah-jeong sit down to discuss the marriage contract. It is hilarious how Ah-jeong seems to take the contract negotiation seriously, not missing any minor details. She is so meticulous that she even writes a script about their dating history.

“You wanted to live in New York. But to do that, your grandpa needs to give up on you.”

It is time to meet Do-han’s family. But Ah-jeong’s concept is a bit different. Instead of trying to get on Grandpa’s good side and have his blessing, she resolves to make a poor impression on him and get him to give up on Do-han.

It looks like backfiring plans are the drama’s trend as Grandpa ends up accepting Ah-jeong as his granddaughter-in-law though she practically did everything possible to get on his nerves. Also, his plans for making Do-han the heir are still ongoing.

“I have made up my mind. I will seduce you and dump you.”

Not that Ji-han will let them be. To Ji-han, Do-han’s bride is Chae-won. If he can’t change Do-han’s mind, Ji-han will seduce Ah-jeong and steal her from him. Well. If Ji-han is confident he can do this, be her guest.

Enacting the concept of a male lead from a drama (young, rich, tall, and handsome), Ji-han flies with Ah-jeong to Busan to watch a movie before it is released to the public. After that, Ji-han helps Ah-jeong meet her favorite director, who happens to be his late mother’s friend.

The final blow is teaching a lesson to the jealous actor from before for bullying Ah-jeong and getting her fired. Ji-han’s efforts would have made Ah-jeong’s heart skip a beat if they were genuine and not a calculated act to get his way.

“Why do you keep getting hurt in front of me?”

If Ji-han can’t sway Ah-jeong, what about setting her up on a blind date? But instead of a decent guy, Ah-jeong’s date turns out to be a scumbag who threatens to spread false rumors about her and Ji-han if Ah-jeong leaves. Realizing he has picked the wrong guy, Ji-han rushes over to Ah-jeong’s rescue.

But instead of being mad at him for roping her into the blind date, Ah-jeong is more pissed off because Ji-han didn’t stand up to the guy badmouthing him. He has no problem talking back to Ah-jeong. So why did Ji-han take those insults without a word?

The only thing on Ji-han’s mind was how the guy humiliated Ah-jeong. Which means he likes her enough to get mad about others being rude to her. We end this week with Ji-han passing out on Ah-jeong’s shoulder, wasted after downing a whole alcohol bottle on her behalf.

Wedding Impossible Episodes 3 and 4 Musings

I love how resourceful Ah-jeong is. She is quick on her feet and holds her own, no matter what situation she is in. If it hadn’t been for her, Ji-han would have gotten beaten up to the pulp by the villagers. She might not realize it yet. But Ah-jeong is slowly attracted to Ji-han, getting mad when he is slapped, holding his hand when he panics because of his rain trauma, and putting on makeup before heading to meet him.

I don’t want Ji-han to take back his words about liking Ah-jeong or forget what he did because of the alcohol. He might be quite annoying but not utterly unredeemable as Ji-han figured out getting Ah-jeong a role through nepotism was wrong and sincerely apologized for it. He also genuinely complimented Ah-jeong’s acting skills and encouraged her to keep going and not give up, no matter how rough her path was.

People are starting to notice that the one Chae-won truly likes is Ji-han. Do-han is also aware of it. And I can’t wait to see the look on Ji-han’s face when he realizes being nice to Chae-won for the sake of his plans only made her fall for him. This guy needs to stop meddling already, as he only makes the situation worse.

It might be too early to judge. But I appreciate Do-han and Chae-won’s characterizations. Do-han initially came across as pushy. But he earned my respect for not taking Ah-jeong up on her word or following through with anything until he made sure Ah-jeong was really okay with it.

On the other hand, Chae-won seems truly nice and not a typical snobby chaebol heiress who would wreak havoc if someone approached the man she likes. That said, I hope she won’t change or turn evil after we get further into the story. Please, writer-nim, no toxic love triangles and more funny scenes.

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