“Wedding Impossible” Features Jeon Jong Seo and Moon Sang Min in Latest Teasers

The new tvN series rolls out teasers for its upcoming series.

Wedding Impossible narrates the secrets of Na-jeong (Jeon Jong Seo) and Lee Ji-han (Moon Sang Min), who are about to undertake an important mission that will change their lives.

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Accordingly, a romantic mission poster containing the lead stars was unveiled.

In the drama, Na-jeong is on a desperate romantic mission. She is an unknown actress who decides to fake marry her boyfriend to become the first main character in her life. Meanwhile, Lee Ji-han her prospective brother-in-law strongly opposes this marriage.

In the released poster, you can get a glimpse of the extraordinary determination of Na-jeong, the ‘person who wants to get married’, and Ji-han, ‘the person who wants to break the marriage.’ Na-jeong is fully prepared to carry out her mission of getting married, wearing her wedding dress, tiara, and veil. The gun belt and leather boots revealed under the lovely dress create a special atmosphere that is quite different from that of an ordinary bride.

Lee Ji-han’s determined expression as he tries to stop Na-jung’s marriage also attracts attention. His neatly dressed suit and the pistol in his hand are reminiscent of a secret agent in a movie, and he looks like a sniper targeting Na-jeong to prevent her from getting married.

The reason why Na-jeong and Lee Ji-han are at odds over marriage is that their goals are different. Na-jeong, who could not give up on her dream of becoming an actress despite living in obscurity for a long time, accepts a fake marriage proposal from her boyfriend Lee Do-han (Kim Do Wan) to get her first leading role in her life.

On the other hand, for Lee Ji-han, who is struggling with his older brother as heirs to their family’s business, the news of their marriage is nothing short of an untimely thunderbolt.

Finally, to achieve his ambitions, Ji-han begins to use all possible methods to prevent the marriage of his older brother, Lee Do Han, and his future sister-in-law. Na-jeong is also in a similar situation as she is not pleased with her prospective brother-in-law who suddenly appears and interferes with her in various ways. Curiosity is rising as to who will be the winner among them who are both resolute in their respective goals.

Correspondingly, the released romantic mission teaser video foreshadows a fierce war of nerves between them. It begins with the appearance of Lee Do-han, who is being discussed as a likely successor to the LJ Group, and his girlfriend, Na-jeong.

The person following them is none other than Lee Do-han’s younger brother, Lee Ji-han, who harbors ambitions to make his older brother the heir to a conglomerate. When his plans are disrupted by Na-jeong’s sudden announcement of marriage to her older brother, she watches Na-jeong’s every move and begins a campaign of sabotage.

Meanwhile, in another video, you can get a glimpse of the hand-to-hand combat between Na-jeong and Lee Ji-han as they tackle different missions. Naa-jeong is signing a fake marriage contract with her boyfriend, Lee Do-han, to end her long life as an unknown actor.

As she prepares for her step-by-step fake marriage, Lee Ji-han, who has been eavesdropping on all this, confirms Na-jeong as the main target of his anti-marriage operation, adding to the tension.

Since neither of them can ever back down from their goal, Na-jeong and Lee Ji-han each equip their weapons and prepare for a counterattack.

Wedding Impossible premieres on February 26 on tvN!

Source: xportsnews