‘WELCOME BACK LIA’: ITZY Member Finally Returns To Celebrate Group Anniversary

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MIDZYs, how are you feeling? For the first time in 18 months, Lia has joined ITZY for activities to celebrate their anniversary!

On July 8, 2024, ITZY took to their social media accounts to announce they were holding a live stream that night, starting at 8:30 PM KST, to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that the photo, which showed the set they would hold the stream in, had five chairs instead of four.

People soon began speculating that Lia would be joining the group for this schedule. Back in September 2023, JYP Entertainment announced Lia would go on a temporary hiatus due to health reasons, such as extreme tension and anxiety. Lia had also penned a message to fans at the time, saying she would do her best to return in good health.

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And it seemed she kept her promise! Just days before the live stream, Lia surprised fans with an update on the FANS app, showing photos of the idol’s current condition, as well as photos of her pet dog, Bella.

Fans were surprised to see Lia make an appearance during the livestream! During the stream, the members walked in dressed up as different popular characters. Lia walked out dressed up as Mathilda Lando from the film “Leon.”

She walked in wearing an olive green jacket, black shorts, black boots, and black socks. For her accessories, she donned a short necklace, and sunglasses, and was seen holding a plant. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see the idol in an adorable bob cut with bangs.

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MIDZYs were quick to welcome Lia back to ITZY activities, with people talking to social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) to celebrate her return. People teared up at the sight of seeing Lia with ITZY again and rejoiced over the OT5 line-up.

The idol appeared in high spirits as they held the live stream, with fans commenting on how nice it is to see her laugh and smile brightly with the other ITZY members.

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Currently, it is unknown whether Lia will be joining the girl group for their activities. The girls are currently embarking on their “Born To Be” world tour, in which Lia has not been participating.

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