Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 15 Recap and Review: The Village That Protects Its Dragon

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 15 brings Sam-dal and Yong-pil together while Eun-ju is brewing another wave of troubles for the former. But before we dive further into what happens today, let us remind you of the previous episode. Episode 13 showed Sam-dal trying to keep her distance from Yong-pil after seeing Sang-tae, while Mi-ja finally brings out her pain in front of Sang-tae.

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Directed by Cha Young-hoon, Welcome to Samdal-ri (웰컴투 삼달리) is a rom-com starring Ji Chang-wook, Shin Hye-sun, Seo Hyun-chul, Kim Mi-hwa, Yang Kyung-won, and Baek Hyun-joo alongside other cast members. The show will have 16 episodes and be broadcast on JTBC in the Saturday-Sunday slot at 10:30 PM KST time slot previously occupied by Strong Girl Nam-soonWelcome to Samdal-ri episode 14 has a run time of 70 minutes.

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-Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 15 Recap Contains Spoiler-

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 15 Recap

Chung-ki’s patience continues to be tested as Eun-ju fails to put forth what she had promised and now no one is ready to work under her for her photoshoot. Meanwhile, Gyeong-tae and Eun-u are shocked to see a scene they once saw 18 years back when Sam-dal and Yong-pil first got together.

The two still find it hard to believe but slowly come to terms with their reunion, right then Gyeong-tae asks about Sam-dal’s assistant Go Eun-bi. Elsewhere, Eun-bi asks Jin-dal and Hae-dal about Gyeong-tae as he had directed them to Sam-dal’s house, but didn’t seem like much of a talker. This evaluation shocks the sisters as Gyeong-tae is usually a talkative person.

Later, Hae-dal looks at her past glory in her medals and thinks about Jin-chan’s suggestion to accompany her mother. Meanwhile, Jin-chan goes through the drawing made by the children at the centre and comes across Ha-yul’s drawing of her dream- to become a swimmer like her mother.

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Elsewhere, Yong-pil drops Sam-dal home but the two are not ready to separate and so the latter sneaks him into her house. The next morning, her parents enter her room and are shocked by the scene in front of them- Yong-pil and Sam-dal sleeping together. Pan-sik is unable to contain his anger and chases the two out while Mi-ja smiles at the happiness that has returned in her daughter’s life.

Later, Yong-pil calls Sang-do to the park and the latter understands that the two are back together. However, this doesn’t get in between their friendship and the two soon clear the awkwardness. Meanwhile, Yong-pil’s colleagues and superior find out that he has been selected to go to the World Meteorological Organisation which they had secretly enrolled him for.

They want to surprise him when he comes to office but suddenly the office is flooded with phone calls from various media houses as Sam-dal’s name in the exhibition has stirred waves again. Sam-dal too finds out about the same and rushes to centre where she agrees to have the exhibition cancelled as she sees the inconvenience that has been caused around the office.

Yong-pil is saddened by this and wonders what he can do for her while fearing that Sam-dal might give up once again. Elsewhere, Sang-tae is asked to forgive Mi-ja by his mother-in-law and once again bursts out in tears. He then heads home and opens the box filled with his wife’s memories with her best friend.

He carries these memories along with Mi-ja’s pit that she had left behind and takes them to her. He asks her if she has missed his wife through these years and Mi-ja tells him that she has, every time she went diving and every time she saw yong-pil. This makes him happy as he leaves while telling her that he enjoyed her seaweed soup.

On the other hand, Jin-dal catches Dae-young when he leaves the hotel he moved to and asks him why he took up the burden of her deeds once again. He tells her that it is because he loves her and changing his lifestyle is easier when he is doing it for her. Elsewhere, Chung-ki finds out that Eun-ju has been secretly taking money from various companies to add their products in the photoshoots she has been a part of.

This leaves him shocked and having already been annoyed by Eun-ju, he finally breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Eun-bi is also suspicious of Eun-ju’s actions of adding her own accessories in their photoshoots while Gyeong-tae also points to his friends that there is something wrong with Eun-ju. He tells them that only by proving Eun-ju wrong can they clear Sam-dal’s name and Eun-bi overhears this.

Soon, Eun-bi and Ji-yun begin looking for clues on Eun-ju’s social media along with Sang-do, Gyeong-tae and Eun-u. During this, Sang-do and Eun-u catch onto the fact that Gyeong-tae has a crush on Eun-bi. Meanwhile, Yong-pil is told about his selection in the WMO but he is not ready to go abroad.

Later that night, Chung-ki approaches Sam-dal and begs her to help him for the photoshoot that needs to be done within a week or else he will be fired. Sam-dal scoffs at him as there will be bigger waves if she takes part in the photoshoot and it is simply not possible to prepare everything within a week.

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Yong-pil sees the two from afar and rushes to take Sam-dal away but Chung-ki tries to capture their attention by telling them that he has a way to make sure that Sam-dal will not be trouble for getting back in the field. This does not influence the two as they soon leave from there. Later, Yong-pil tries to test Sam-dal and see if she has given up on getting back in the field.

Sam-dal laughs at him and tells him that she will now hold an exhibition which is purely by her and not for the meteorological centre. Elsewhere, the Sang-do has finally found proof of Eun-ju’s deeds behind the scenes and are ready to prove Sam-dal’s innocence. The next day, reporters from the mainland have made their way to Samdal-ri to once again chase Sam-dal.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 15 Ending

This time, the whole of Samdal-ri is ready to protect Sam-dal and make sure that no one is able to find her location. While the reporters roam all around the town, Sam-dal is told to stay indoors and away from their eyes. Later that evening, Sang-do and the others tell Sam-dal about what Eun-ju had been doing behind her back.

Later, the women of the neighbourhood arrive and start discussing the matter of the reporters and how to protect Sam-dal from them. Seeing this, Sam-dal feel happy as she is facing the same situation but is able to face it because of the people who are protecting her. She feels safe and protected amongst these people and is amazed by the strength she is able to gather because of them.

After they leave from her house, Yong-pil and Sam-dal come up with the idea to do the exhibition in Samdal-ri and decide to get her photographs from Sang-tae’s office’s warehouse the next day.

The next day, Yong-pil diverts the reporters attention to the meteorological department by making them think that the exhibition has not been cancelled. He then leaves to collect the photographs with Sam-dal, and following them is this troop of haenyeos (divers) and their friends.

Like this, the village is ready to raise their dragon and make her fly high.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 15 Review

From focusing on the love between Sam-dal and Yong-pil, the plot has diverted into making the two fly high in the sky and fulfil dreams of yesterday. Welcome to Samdal-ri is really bringing some beautiful warm-hearted themes through its plot and now that the show is coming to an end, we are sure to love every bit of love it is rising in our hearts.

The warmth of a family, community, friends, and home are highlighted in this show and this episode has shown us why this is a Kdrama that cannot be missed. I have loved the many relationships shown on this show, the friendship between Yong-pil and Sang-tae, the care between Hae-dal and Ha-yul, the love between Jin-dal and Dae-young, the love Sang-tae and Mi-ja have for Bu Mi-ja, and definitely the love between Yong-pil and Sam-dal.

Altogether, the finale weekend has begun with some very warming scenes and we are eagerly looking forward to final episode of this beautiful show.

Which was your favourite scene from this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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