What did you see the most on (Theqoo) Trending Posts this year?

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Nominee 1: Han Sohee 

Nominee 2: Min Heejin

Nominee 3: HYBE

Nominee 4: Byun Wooseok (Lovely Runner)

Nominee 5: The original ‘Theqoo Trending Post’ guy

-2, 3


-I filtered them all out except for 4

-HYBE and Min Heejin

-I choose to only see good things. So, Byun Wooseok^^

-Only see good things, you guys. It’s good for your mental health.

-Byun Wooseok. Seeing him uplifts my mood.

-I think I saw a lot of HYBE-related posts.

-I think I saw a lot of HYBE-related posts. But I only clicked on Byun Wooseok-related posts.

-There have been a lot of Byun Wooseok-related posts lately. HYBE-related posts are probably the most visited ones, but I avoid clicking on them because it just stresses me out.

-Byun Wooseok. He becomes trending even with the smallest things he does.

-HYBE. At this point, I think there are dozens of HYBE-related posts being constantly trending on Theqoo these days.

-1, 4

-I only click on Byun Wooseok-related posts for the sake of my mental health.

-HYBE, Min Heejin, Byun Wooseok

-The whole Min Heejin-HYBE dispute just seems to crazy for me, so I muted their keywords.