What do you think of a guy who uses Galaxy?” A girl group member answered “like this

“Guys who use Galaxy instead of iPhone are less attractive”

To an extent that seems intentional, a strong culture of rejecting Galaxy phones is spreading among teenagers and those in their 20s.

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Unnecessary debates between iPhone and Galaxy users are also occurring. Despite the fact that people can use their preferred phone according to their tastes, such a phenomenon continues to persist.


Amidst this, a question was posed to a girl group member during a conversation with fans: “How about guys who use Galaxy smartphones?” The question implied whether the charm of a person decreases if they use a Galaxy.

The girl group member who received this question from a fan via the messenger platform “fromm” was Kim Chae-yeon of “tripleS”. She chose to answer the question directly.

Kim Chae-yeon

Kim Chae-yeon expressed her opinion, “A guy who uses Galaxy… I like you no matter what you use. Even if you use a pager, it doesn’t matter.

Although she uses an iPhone, she does not care at all about what smartphone her partner uses.

As singer Sung Si-kyung was asked by a junior female singer “Do you use Galaxy?” not long ago, fans thought Kim Chae-yeon might not view Galaxy positively either.

Kim Chae-yeon

However, she does not reject Galaxy, and fans are responding positively to this.

Meanwhile, according to a recent survey on smartphone usage and brands conducted by Gallup Korea, among smartphone users in Korea, 65% of those in the 18~29 age group use iPhones.

The usage rate of Samsung Galaxy is around 32%.

Source: Insight