What future awaits BLACKPINK’s Lisa if she leaves YG Entertainment?

If BLACKPINK’s Lisa does not re-sign with YG Entertainment, what will be the most perfect choice for her upcoming career path?

As BLACKPINK’s world tour “BORN PINK” officially ended, information about the contract renewal between BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment will likely be announced soon. Right from the beginning of 2023, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the contract of YG’s globally popular girl group. However, over the past 8 months, a series of rumors have shown that YG is having difficulty negotiating a contract with BLACKPINK.

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In particular, member Lisa is said to be the most difficult person to negotiate with as she receives many “lucrative” offers from foreign companies. Recently, Korean media also raised questions about rumors that Lisa refused two contract renewing offers from YG. Although the management company denies all baseless rumors, this still makes fans worried about the possibility that Lisa will really leave YG. If this becomes true, Lisa’s future without YG Entertainment is a big question mark.

Continue solo activities in Korea

This is considered the safest direction for Lisa if she does not re-sign with YG and really leaves BLACKPINK. In 2021, Lisa made her solo debut with two songs, “Money” and “LALISA.” With just these two music products, Lisa has got her own big achievements and records, becoming a pioneer for many categories and also the most successful Thai idol in Kpop. She also made history at the 2022 VMAs.

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Some opinions say that if Lisa leaves YG Entertainment, The Black Label with the management of music producer Teddy will be the place to help her achieve as much splendor in her career as when she debuted solo. In addition, Lisa is also a muse that is especially loved by many brands, as she earned about $3.7 million through brand promotion projects in 2022. Therefore, even though she is no longer part of YG, she will still be able to develop a solo career thanks to the image she has created over the past 7 years as well as the strong support from a “huge” fan base.

Lisa set many achievements and records with her solo debut project in 2021

Return to Thailand

Amidst the doubts about Lisa leaving YG, one of the possibilities discussed by the online community is that she will return to her hometown Thailand to build a career. Because Lisa is extremely famous and is the “darling” of Thailand, if she returns to her homeland, every step she takes will be “full of roses”.

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However, this will probably be the worst move and unlikely to happen if Lisa leaves YG. Because at the present time, Lisa has become a global star, most of which come from international fans. Although Thailand’s showbiz market is growing, Lisa’s ability to work will be greatly limited in her home country. Some people even claim that Lisa can return to Thailand to become an actress or brand models, but cannot continue her path as a singer. Therefore, it is very unlikely that she will return to Thailand to work.

Lisa will probably become a nation’s “darling” if she returns to her hometown of Thailand, but this is unlikely to happen.

Develop a career in the international market

This is one of the moves that is considered most likely to happen if Lisa leaves YG. Lisa’s fans have long recognized that the temperament, charisma and energy she radiates on stage are all very suitable for an idol who can thrive strongly in the international market. This is proven through the achievements and records she achieved abroad with her solo music products. This can be considered an extremely risky and challenging direction, but it will really bring Lisa to a new level if she succeeds in this market.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Besides, the fact that Lisa has a personal project at Crazy Horse nightclub makes many people doubt this is her experimentation in the international entertainment environment. Although these 5 nights of performances are causing the youngest member of BLACKPINK to face fierce controversy, for someone as smart as Lisa, she has absolutely every reason to make such a bold decision.

In addition, Lisa is also said to be in a relationship with her “rumored” billionaire boyfriend Frédéric Arnault – the son of one of the world’s richest billionaires. With his influence and family background, Frédéric Arnault has enough connections to help Lisa develop her career as well as become the face of luxury brands.

The international entertainment market is considered an extremely suitable place for Lisa’s long-term development

Leave YG Entertainment but remain as BLACKPINK 

For many Kpop fans, a member of an idol group deciding to leave and not renew the contract with the management company is a daily occurrence. However, there have been many cases where artists did not renew their contracts with their management companies but still promote and accompany the group for a long time. If Lisa decides to end her contract with YG, this is what the fan community has the highest expectations for.

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Having been together for 7 years and if we include the trainee period, BLACKPINK has been together for more than 10 years. The girls are not just a music group but also a family.

“BLACKPINK would not be complete without one member” – this is not only the affirmation of the BLINK community but also the message of BLACKPINK itself. If any piece of the puzzle is missing, whether it is Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, or Rosé, BLACKPINK will definitely not be a complete group. Soon, the final results of the contract renewal between BLACKPINK and YG will be announced. No matter what Lisa and the girls decide, fans will definitely always support, respect their choice and give their love like the first days.

If Lisa leaves YG, fans expect her to still work with the group to protect BLACKPINK.