What if IU played Hong Haein in ‘Queen of Tears’?

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Article: ‘Queen of Tears’ Hong Haein was originally for IU

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+197] I don’t think IU would’ve been a good match for Hong Haein. And the reason IU turned down ‘Queen of Tears’ was for ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’ with Park Bogum, so I think all the roles went to the right people in the end

[+109] Kim Ji Won’s doing such a great job right now, I don’t know why it matters at all that Hong Haein originally went to IU. She did just fine with Park Bogum on ‘Tangerines’…

[+27] I’m so glad it went to Kim Ji Won because she is Hong Haein embodied 👏👏👏👏👏

[+53] Kim Ji Won is so good at the ice queen look

[+16] Kim Ji Won or bust for Hong Haein

[+8] Kim Ji Won is 100 times the better fit

[+30] Kim Ji Won’s way better~ ^^

[+7] Their faces can’t even be compared

[+25] Much better fit for Kim Ji Won

[+12] The character cannot be brought to the level that it has without Kim Ji Won

[+8] Ugh, just thinking of IU as Hong Haein is terrifying

[+2] I like IU but not for the Hong Haein role

[+2] The drama is as big as it is because Kim Ji Won is Hong Haein ❤️

[+0] I just tried to picture IU in the press conference scene and it felt so out of place. She’s good but Kim Ji Won’s just better suited for the role.