What is the most important requirement to survive as an idol?


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1. Visual

2. Singing or Dancing Skills

3. Lyric and Song Composing Skills

4. Entertainment Skills

5. Money, Connections


-Short-term 1, Long-term 4,5 but all except 3 should be the basics

-There are some who solely rely on visuals to make a living.

-I think 2 is the minimum, and if you have 1 as well, it’s like the cherry on top.

-If you look at the idols who have been around for over 10 years, the ones with 2 seems to be the one that lasts the longest.

-4 Because they’re singers, they’ll keep singing and dancing, but to survive, you need entertainment talent so that you can be seen on TV often.

-You can survive with just 1, but I personally can’t like someone without 2…

-For singers, it’s 2; for the entertainment industry, it’s 1.

-As an idol, it’s 2; to have a long career as an entertainer, you need entertainment skills + acting skills.

-You need to sing well, not just dance. After all, because you’re a singer…. it’s probably okay to stick with visuals, talent, and dancing only until your early twenties.

-If you’re going to keep being an idol, it’s 2; 1 is for becoming an actor, model, or influencer, 3 is for becoming a producer, and 4 is for transitioning to a variety entertainer.

-Life as an entertainer is all about visuals. If you’re an idol, that’s your main job.

-Good-looking idols usually end up becoming actors/actresses, anyway…

-Definitely 1; everything else is just an option.