What k-netizens say about RIIZE ‘Impossible’ MV Teaser

RIIZE ‘Impossible’ MV Teaser

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1. No, I really think the choreography will make me lose 5kg ㅠㅠ

2. Hul I really like this song

3. I think the song is really good

4. The choreography is crazy

5. Wow, the choreography is so difficult

6. I think this song will be good

7. It’s really crazy. I think this song will be successful

8. I’m really looking forward to it

9. I’m looking forward to the song. I think the song will be good

10. Shotaro must be crazy, his feet don’t touch the ground

11. The choreography seems intense but I’m looking forward to the performance

12. Just looking at the teaser makes me happy

13. It sounds like a 2nd generation song

14. The song is amazing

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