What will BLACKPINK Lisa wear at Crazy House Paris cabaret show?

Crazy House revealed some information about Lisa’s upcoming Paris cabaret show

BLACKPINK member Lisa will hold 5 performances at Paris cabaret Crazy Horse within three days from the 28th to the 30th of September.

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Established in 1951, Crazy House is a nightclub in France that is famous for topless cabaret performances that are restricted to 16+ audiences. All kinds of recording methods are strictly prohibited during the shows. Due to this unexpected choice of location, Lisa faced a backlash from netizens and caused fans to worry about the damage to her image and reputation.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

According to Discoverwalks, Crazy House prefers performers who are 168-172cm tall with a 21cm gap between their chests. They especially like those who have unique colors and extraordinary performing skills. To participate in this show, they should be experienced dancers over 18 years old.

At the auditions for Crazy House, female dancers appear with only underwear or go topless wearing high heels with red lip makeup. The signature of Crazy House dancers is that they all wear wigs of similar shape but different colors. Special light effects and dancers’ performances in colorful dresses or topless are the highlights of Crazy Houses shows. Apart from the dancers’ performances, there will also be collaboration stages with talented artists.

According to WWD, Lisa reportedly really likes the unique concept of Crazy House. She will perform solo stages and participate in several cabaret classic medleys like “But I Am A Good Girl” and “Crisis? What Crisis!?”. 

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Regarding fans’ questions about Lisa’s stage costumes for the shows, Crazy House said, “Lisa will wear her normal stage outfits with some special details added to showcase her individuality”.

Looking through the videos of  “But I Am A Good Girl” and “Crisis? What Crisis!?” performances, fans continue to raise concerns about the last parts when all the dancers would take off their clothes. 

Lisa has not mentioned anything regarding her upcoming performances at Crazy House. However, some netizens speculate that the BLACKPINK member is already prepared to show off her sexy image at the performances as she has continuously posted photos taken in bikini and revealing clothes on social media. 

Source: K14