What Will Happen to SHINee? SM Reveals Members’ Plan as Soloists, Group Ahead of Contract Expiration

Shawols are sent into whiplash after SHINee reportedly broke up with SM Entertainment after 16 years. The agency then addressed this and revealed the future of the Hallyu icons moving forward.

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Following Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and EXO’s departure from the label, SHINee is now expected to promote “separately and together.” 

This was after SHINee Taemin and Onew were reported to be leaving SM Entertainment, their nest for 16 years with co-members Key, Minho, and the late Jonghyun.

SM Entertainment Confirms Onew & Taemin Departure, Minho, Key to Renew Contracts

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(Photo : SHINee (CBS No Cut News))

On March 5, the entertainment scene was sent into a frenzy after reports claiming that Onew and Taemin would no longer renew their contracts with SM Entertainment were released.

Shortly after, the label immediately addressed this through an official statement, and starting with the departure of Taemin and Onew, SM said:

“Taemin’s exclusive contract with us will expire at the end of March, and there will be no contract renewal.”

SHINee Taemin
(Photo : Instagram|@xoalsox@)

Regarding his next step, SM briefly commented:

“Nothing has been confirmed yet regarding Taemin’s next course of action after the contract expiration, but we heard that he’s considering various options.”

Although it is yet to be announced, various media outlets reported shortly after that Taemin is discussing an exclusive contract with Big Planet Made Entertainment to be his new nest.

BPM is home to various top stars including VIVIZ, Huh Gak, Ha Sung Woon, Lee Mujin, Be’O, and Ren, as well as former SM comedian Lee Soo Geun.

In light of this, BPM said:

“Nothing has been decided.”

(Photo : Twitter: @SHINee)
SHINee Onew
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(Photo : Key & Minho (Twitter))

Moving on to Onew’s future, SM vaguely hinted that the leader will also part ways with the label in the first half of 2024, but nothing has been confirmed yet and the idol is still “exploring various options.”

Regarding his return to the group & current status after taking a break due to poor health conditions, SM refused to give any update about these.

So far, the only good news from the label was about Minho and Key, who reportedly renewed individual and group contracts with SM, continuing their 16-year loyalty to the company.

What Will Happen to SHINee? SM Attests Group Will Not Disband

Music Critics, Journalists, Staff Describe What Makes SHINee 'Unique' in K-pop
(Photo : SHINee (CBS No Cut News))

Amid these reports regarding members’ solo paths, there are increasing concerns about how will this affect SHINee as a group, and if this will lead to possible disbandment.

In response, SM Entertainment clarified that the quartet will continue group activities in the label, while their individual careers will be decided based on the path that they want to take.

“SHINee’s activities will continue as always in SM, and individual contracts will be decided in the direction each member wants.”