When did you first see Moon Woojin?


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Wanna One’s Beautiful MV (Ong Seongwoo’s child actor)

The King in Love (Im Siwan’s child actor)

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Park Seojoon’s child actor)

Beauty Inside (Seo Hyunjin’s another side)

Once Again

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (Kim Soohyun’s child actor)

Castaway Diva (Chae Jonghyeop’s child actor)

The Atypical Family

He has a lot of filmography so these are just some of it…

To the future of Korean Drama, Moon Woojin, fighting!

-The very first time I saw him was in The King in Love. But I learned his name in Life on Mars. 

-No wonder why he looks so familiar to me

-I didn’t know he was also in Wanna One’s MV. I first saw him in Castaway Diva. 

-What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

-The Devil Judge

-Looks like he had a growth spurt when he starred in Castaway Diva. I couldn’t recognize himㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Beauty Inside

-I recognized him in Beauty Inside, but now that I saw it… I remember him in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

-It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

-Oh… I’ve watched all of these dramas. I was so sad now that Dareum has grown up a lot, but I have Woojin now…

-I’ve watched all of these dramas except for The Atypical Family

-Oh… I’ve watched most of these dramas. No wonder why he looks so familiar to me.

-He’s such a great actorㅜ