When Life Gives You Tangerines: IU and Park Bo-gum Set to Star in New Romantic Kdrama, Cast Unveiled

Netflix confirmed the cast for When Life Gives You Tangerines (working title) today, on January 30, 2024, and it’s already generating excitement among fans. People are eagerly anticipating the appearance of the new pair IU and Park Bo-gum in this romantic series. The show is directed by Kim Won-suk, known for his remarkable work in dramas such as My Mister, Signal, Arthdal Chronicles, and more. Anticipating that this series will be as exceptional as the previous ones is not far-fetched, especially with such an incredible cast.

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The upcoming series boasts an incredible cast lineup, featuring IU, one of the industry’s finest actresses. IU has previously collaborated with director Kim Won-suk in the acclaimed drama My Mister, which stood out as one of the best dramas of the year. Additionally, this series marks a comeback for Park Bo-gum following the completion of his military service. Notably, the cast also includes Moon So-ri and Park Hae-joon.

Check Out When Life Gives You Tangerines Cast Revealed by Netflix

In the heart of Jeju Island, the vibrant tale of 폭싹 속았수다 unfolds, centred around Ae Soon, an extraordinary rebel with a spirit as fierce as the island winds. Known as unyielding iron, Gwan Sik is the silent counterpart to Ae Soon’s rebellion. Despite her bold and rebellious nature, Ae Soon harbours a hidden vulnerability that surfaces each time she defies the norms. Struggling against financial constraints, she radiates with an unwavering positivity and dreams of a poetic future, even though formal education eludes her.

On the other hand, Gwan Sik is characterised by his unwavering diligence and quiet demeanour. Romance is not his forte, leaving him perplexed in the face of Ae Soon’s tears or laughter. However, beneath his stoic exterior lies a silent warrior who has loved Ae Soon from the very beginning, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to her. As their worlds collide, Ae Soon and Gwan Sik navigate the intricate dance of love, rebellion, and silent devotion, creating a captivating narrative that transcends the boundaries of societal expectations.

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