Where is Kim Min Gwi Now? The ‘Nevertheless’ Actor Who Got Canceled Due to Cheating Controversy

If you are a fan of “Nevertheless,” chances are you are familiar with Kim Min Gwi. A budding South Korean actor, he captivated viewers with his mysterious role in the webtoon-based JTBC series, led by Han So Hee and Song Kang. 

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Taking on the character of art student Nam Kyu Hyun, viewers were drawn to his chemistry with Yang Hye Ji, who played the role of Oh Bit Na. 

Kim Min Gwi
(Photo : Kim Min Gwi Official Instagram)

Yang Hye Ji  Nevertheless
(Photo : Yang Hye Ji Official Instagram)

“Nevertheless” depicted their story as a friends-to-lovers trope, but what made Kim Min Gwi’s character interesting was his green-flag attitude. 

Amid the height of the drama series, he got involved in controversy after an ex-girlfriend exposed what he really was behind the camera. 

Kim Min Gwi Controversy

As mentioned by various local media outlets at the time, Kim Min Gwi’s former girlfriend posted an online rant, titled, “I will be revealing the truth behind a male actor in the drama,” which later revealed that it was the “Nevertheless” actor.

Kim Min Gwi
(Photo : Kim Min Gwi Official Instagram)

In a post, the ex-girlfriend whom he dated for 6 years claimed that he had cheated on her with other women multiple times and even violated quarantine protocols because of it. 

“When I asked you what would happen if people found out about your bad deeds, you replied coolly that it was your personal life and you wouldn’t be scared to go to work as an actor afterward, so I could do whatever I wanted.”

After the post blew up and reached several media outlets, Kim Min Gwi released a statement addressing the issue surrounding him. 

Through his agency, Big Picture Entertainment, the actor apologized and acknowledged his wrongdoings in the past. 

“He feels sincerely apologetic toward the other person whom he hurt with his immature actions and judgments, and he is in deep self-reflection. He also apologizes for causing public concern with this issue.”

Unfortunately, because of Kim Min Gwi’s cheating allegation, his airtime in “Nevertheless” was reduced, and most of his appearance was edited out. 

Where is Kim Min Gwi Now? 

Three years after the incident, Kim Min Gwi is still on his on-screen hiatus. 

Kim Min Gwi
(Photo : JTBC Drama Official Instagram)

However, he returned in 2022 to join the cast of “Narco-Saints,” playing a big role. 

Other than the Netflix series, Kim Min Gwi has not appeared in any new K-drama or movie and has no news about possible upcoming projects. 

However, in 2023, the rookie actor received recognition for his role in “Narco Saints” and bagged the Best New Actor Award at the 21st Director’s Cut Awards. 

In a report, he said he was grateful for the staff and director who believed in him, as well as for the fans who supported him. 

“And everyone who remembers me, I will come back with a better image in the future. Please look forward to it. Thank you.”